A Showtime Original Series

Episode 10: Fly Away

Season 3 finale. Cathy spends time with a stranger during a diving outing.

Episode 9: Vaya Con Dios

Season 3. Cathy trains for a scuba dive; Sean takes a break from dating.

Episode 8: Killjoy

Season 3. Cathy confronts Joy; Paul learns something new about his wife.

Episode 7: How Bazaar

Season 3. Cathy and Adam give too much; Paul pursues an endorsement deal.

Episode 6: Life Rights

Season 3. Cathy and Paul receive an extraordinary offer from Joy's friend.

Episode 5: Face Off

Season 3. Cathy tries to impress the parents of a baby she wants to adopt.

Episode 4: Family Matters

Season 3. Adam and Andrea cope with Cathy's focus on her new direction.

Episode 3: Bundle of Joy

Season 3. Cathy meets a "joyologist" who helps her make a major decision.

Episode 2: What's Your Story?

Season 3. Sean launches an unusual new business; Adam grows more devoted.

Episode 1: Thin Ice

Season 3 premiere. Cathy receives medical news that gives her new hope.

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