A Showtime Original Series

Episode 9: Nessuno (Nobody)

Season 1 finale. The Pope preserves power; Lucrezia gives birth to a son.

Episode 8: The Art of War

Season 1. The Pope awaits his fate as the French enter the city unopposed.

Episode 7: Death, On A Pale Horse

Season 1. Victory looms for France as Italian nobles flee to their banner.

Episode 6: The French King

Season 1. The Pope proposes a marital alliance to thwart France's invasion.

Episode 5: The Borgias In Love

Season 1. Lucrezia has a torrid affair while Cesare makes diabolical plans.

Episode 4: Lucrezia's Wedding

Season 1. The Borgias tawdry behavior sullies Lucrezia's lavish nuptials.

Episode 3: The Moor

Season 1. The Pope hosts a Turkish prince and negotiates Lucrezia's hand.

Episode 1: The Poisoned Chalice

Season 1 premiere. Rodrigo bribes and intimidates his way into the Papacy.

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