A Showtime Original Series

Episode 10: The Confession

Season 2 finale. The assassin strikes with a poisoned chalice of wine.

Episode 9: World Of Wonders

Cesare is forced to make a chilling decision about his brother Juan.

Episode 8: Truth And Lies

Juan returns injured - his "proof" of valor - but Cesare exposes the lie.

Episode 7: The Siege At Forli

Season 2. Juan's glory from his Spanish military triumph is short-lived.

Episode 6: Day Of Ashes

Season 2. Cesare tries to prove his military might with a Medici raid.

Episode 5: The Choice

Season 2. Cesare deals with the Sforzas; Alexander hears a fiery preacher.

Episode 4: Stray Dogs

Season 2. Cesare recruits a band of mercenaries for revenge on the French.

Episode 3: The Beautiful Deception

Season 2. Lucrezia goes on a hunger strike; Della Rovere returns to Rome.

Episode 2: Paolo

Season 2. Lucrezia's young lover meets an unfortunate fate at Juan's hands.

Episode 1: The Borgia Bull

Season 2 premiere. Alexander takes a new lover; Lucrezia tends her child.

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