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Episode 10: The Prince

Season 3 finale. Cesare vows that Lucrezia will now be his for good.

Episode 9: The Gunpowder Plot

Cesare and Lucrezia are reunited but Alfonso begins to suspect them.

Episode 8: Tears Of Blood

A plot to deceive the Borgia family is uncovered.

Episode 7: Lucrezia's Gambit

Cesare burns Constanzo's palace in order to contain the plague.

Episode 6: Relics

Alexander agrees to Cesare's plan to destroy the Sforza dynasty.

Episode 5: The Wolf And The Lamb

Lucrezia plots against King Ferdinand.

Episode 4: The Banquet Of Chestnuts

Alexander dramatically calls for a Crusade.

Episode 3: Siblings

Alfonso abandons Lucrezia alone on their wedding night.

Episode 2: The Purge

Pope Alexander tasks Cardinal Sforza with initiating an inquisition.

Episode 1: The Face Of Death

Season 3 premiere. Pope Alexander (Jeremy Irons) fights for his life.

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