A Showtime Original Series

Episode 14: Limb From Limb

Season 1 finale. Jenny's ever-more-complicated love life pushes Tim away.

Drawn and Quartered i

Episode 13: Locked Up

Season 1. Bette lands in jail; Tim and Jenny discuss divorce.

Jenny asks Tim if she can bring her date home for dinner.

Can I Bring My Date Home?i

Episode 12: Looking Back

Season 1. Bette prepares for a new show; the friends go to Palm Springs.

Dana and friends arrive in Palm Springs.

The Arrivali

Episode 11: Liberally

Season 1. Tina's grief is eased by volunteer work.

Francesca flirts with Marina.

You Want Jennyi

Episode 10: Luck, Next Time

Season 1. Jenny agonizes over Tim and Marina; Shane finds fame.

Jenny and Tim watch a movie.

Karate Lovei

Episode 9: Listen Up

Season 1. Jenny explains her situation to a friend; Dana comes out.

Jenny explains her situation to a friend.

Stalking Marinai

Episode 8: L'Ennui

Season 1. Tim rejects Jenny, who learns that Marina has another lover.

Tim rejects Jenny.


Episode 7: Losing It

Season 1. Bette's commitment is tested; Tim and Jenny return home.

Tim confronts Marina.

Where is She?i

Episode 6: Lawfully

Season 1. Tim discovers Jenny's affair, leading to a major decision.

Jenny pleads with Tim.

I'm Finei

Episode 5: Lies, Lies, Lies

Season 1. Jenny's affair threatens her relationship with Tim.

Tina surprises Bette with good news.

Dinner for Threei

Episode 4: Longing

Season 1. Jenny struggles with her feelings for Marina.

Jenny struggles with her feelings for Marina.


Episode 3: Let's Do It

Season 1. Bette and Tina wait on baby news; Tim invites Marina to a party.

Bette and Tina discuss having a baby.

Let's Make a Babyi

Episode 1: Pilot Episode

Series premiere. Jenny moves to L.A. and meets her new lesbian neighbors.

Tim and Jenny move in together.

This Is iti