A Showtime Original Series

Episode 13: Lacuna

Season 2 finale. Melvin's memorial service is attended by a surprise guest.

Episode 12: L-Chaim

Season 2. Bette moves her dad home for his last days. Emmy nominated.

Episode 11: Loud & Proud

Season 2. Secrets about Dana's brother and Jenny's past are revealed.

Episode 10: Land Ahoy

Season 2. A lesbian cruise proves eventful; Bette and Tina's father visits.

Episode 9: Late, Later, Latent

Season 2. Jenny learns the truth about Carmen's feelings for Shane.

Episode 8: Loyal

Season 2. Bette and Tina forge a new relationship; Shane goes to church.

Episode 7: Luminous

Season 2. Alice and Dana begin dating as Bette rejoins the singles scene.

Episode 6: Lagrimas de Oro

Season 2. Tina moves out; Alice gives Dana an ultimatum.

Episode 5: Labyrinth

Season 2. Jenny and Shane's new roommate secretly tapes them.

Episode 4: Lynch Pin

Season 2. Kit falls for a self-help guru; Jenny and Shane find a roommate.

Episode 3: Loneliest Number

Season 2. Shane becomes Jenny's new roommate; Bette's tailspin continues.

Episode 2: Lap Dance

Season 2. Tina hires a lawyer to represent her in the split with Bette.

Episode 1: Life, Loss, Leaving

Season 2 premiere. Tina rebuffs Bette's attempts at reconciliation.