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Episode 12: Left Hand Of The Goddess

Season 3 finale. Still grieving for Dana, the girls plan Shane's wedding.

Shane breaks the news to her estranged father of her upcoming marriage.

She's A DJi

Episode 11: Last Dance

Season 3. Bette considers fighting for sole custody; Alice grieves.

Bette and Tina find themselves in awkward moment.

Awkward Photoi

Episode 10: Losing The Light

Season 3. Dana takes a turn for the worse; Alice keeps vigil at her side.

Carmen shares a little secret with Shane.

I Cheated On Youi

Episode 9: Lead, Follow, Or Get Out Of The Way

Season 3. Carmen comes out of the closet; Bette struggles for inner peace.

Tina meets a new man during her daughter's swimming lessons.

Swimming Lessonsi

Episode 8: Latecomer

Season 3. Jenny plans a benefit for Moira/Max; Tina leaves Bette's bed.

Moira proclaims her new identity as Max via email.

Formerly Known as Moirai

Episode 7: Lone Star

Season 3. Moira gets hormone injections as Dana undergoes chemotherapy.

Shane and Carmen find out about Moira's transition.


Episode 6: Lifesize

Season 3. Tina struggles with her feelings for men; the girls support Dana.

Carmen lectures Shane on the meaning of monogamy.


Episode 5: Lifeline

Season 3. Dana gets her biopsy results; Bette finds Tina's chat room.

Tina and her new co-worker clearly have some chemistry.

Sexual Tensioni

Episode 4: Light My Fire

Season 3. Bette takes on Washington; Helena falls for a straight filmmaker.

Dana gushes over her idol, Billy Jean King.

Dana's Idoli

Episode 3: Lobsters

Season 3. Shane gets work at a skate shop; Tina goes to work for Helena.

Shane and Carmen return to meet Jenny, and her new girlfriend Moira.

Meet Moirai

Episode 2: Lost Weekend

Season 3. Jenny wants romance with Moira; Bette feels out of control.

Alan Cumming guest stars as the new manager of the Planet.

New Manageri

Episode 1: Labia Majora

Season 3 premiere. Bette and Tina try to rekindle their passion post-baby.

Helena learns about her romantic future as she gets her tarot cards read.

Tarot Cardsi
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