A Showtime Original Series

Episode 12: Long Time Coming

Season 4 finale. Tina returns to lesbian life while Bette misses Jodi.

Episode 11: Literary License To Kill

Season 4. Bette may lose Jodi to a new job; Iraq flashbacks haunt Tasha.

Episode 10: Little Boy Blue

Season 4. Kit binge-drinks over Angus's infidelity; Alice's blog takes off.

Episode 9: Lacy Lilting Lyrics

Season 4. Tina and Jenny have creative differences over their film project.

Episode 8: Lexington And Concord

Season 4. Alice and Tasha disagree over the war but fall deeper in love.

Episode 7: Lesson Number One

Season 4. Jenny's short story sparks some interest from Hollywood.

Episode 6: Luck Be A Lady

Season 4. Bette plunges into a new romance but clashes with Tina.

Episode 5: Lez Girls

Season 4. Bette's tryst with a teaching assistant threatens her career.

Episode 4: Layup

Season 4. Bette deals with an artist whose work is politically incendiary.

Episode 3: Lassoed

Season 4. Bette's boss comes out; Jenny digs up dirt on a literary critic.

Episode 2: Livin' La Vida Loca

Season 4. Bette adjusts to a new job in academia and a tough new boss.

Episode 1: Legend In The Making

Season 4 premiere. Bette kidnaps the baby; Shane jilts Carmen at the altar.

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