A Showtime Original Series

Episode 12: Long Time Coming

Season 4 finale. Tina returns to lesbian life while Bette misses Jodi.

Phyllis lets Bette and Tina in on a secret.

A Wonderful Bossi

Tina coaches Bette on how to make up with Jodi.

In a Boxi

Episode 11: Literary License To Kill

Season 4. Bette may lose Jodi to a new job; Iraq flashbacks haunt Tasha.

Phyllis lets Bette know Jodi will be leaving.

Splitting Upi

Goldfrapp performs at the Planet.

Goldfrapp Rocks the Planeti

Episode 10: Little Boy Blue

Season 4. Kit binge-drinks over Angus's infidelity; Alice's blog takes off.

The ladies visit the horse track.

I Like to Wini

Jenny is jealous of Tina's connection with the director.

Hot in a Suiti

Episode 9: Lacy Lilting Lyrics

Season 4. Tina and Jenny have creative differences over their film project.

Bette and Jodi talk about Jodie's date the night before.

Oh Boyi

Kit call out Papi for her attitude.

Different Side of Papii

Episode 8: Lexington And Concord

Season 4. Alice and Tasha disagree over the war but fall deeper in love.

Bette struggles to explain her feelings to Jodi.

Not as Evolvedi

Shane discusses lesbian relationships with Paige.

It Won't Be Differenti

Episode 7: Lesson Number One

Season 4. Jenny's short story sparks some interest from Hollywood.

Tasha and Papi discuss their differences.

Sloppy Secondsi

Jenny doesn't care for Max's comments about her story.


Episode 6: Luck Be A Lady

Season 4. Bette plunges into a new romance but clashes with Tina.

Tina and Bette square-off over where Angelica should go to preschool.


Bette confronts Angus about Hazel.

Do You Love My Sister?i

Episode 5: Lez Girls

Season 4. Bette's tryst with a teaching assistant threatens her career.

Max prepares to resign from his job.

Letter of Resignationi

Tina discovers Angus with her au pair Hazel.

She's So Firedi

Episode 4: Layup

Season 4. Bette deals with an artist whose work is politically incendiary.

Alice shows Helena some moves for the basketball court.

Secret Weaponi

Tina's nanny takes a special interest in Angus.

Good to Goi

Episode 3: Lassoed

Season 4. Bette's boss comes out; Jenny digs up dirt on a literary critic.

Alice gives Helena a list of rules for the house.

The Roommate Talki

A game of celebrity has the party guests realizing their differences.

He's a Football Playeri

Episode 2: Livin' La Vida Loca

Season 4. Bette adjusts to a new job in academia and a tough new boss.

Papi shows what she is made of.

You're Not Donei

Sexual tension abounds as Bette interviews TA candidates.

Are You An Athlete?i

Episode 1: Legend In The Making

Season 4 premiere. Bette kidnaps the baby; Shane jilts Carmen at the altar.

The ladies try to get Bette to bring the baby back.

An Interventioni

Bette and Tina get a harsh reality from their lawyers.

Media Bonanzai

Behind the Scenes

Find out everything you need to know about season 4.

An Inside Looki


The L Word's Back for Another Bewitching Year!

Spell On Youi

The Most Awesome Make-Out Montage

The Most Awesome Make-Out Montagei

Catfight Montage!

Catfight Montage! i