A Showtime Original Series

Episode 12: Loyal And True

Season 5 finale. Jenny is betrayed, but Helena proves to be a true friend.

Episode 11: Lunar Cycle

Season 5. Power plays result in the careers of Jenny and Kit falling apart.

Episode 10: Lifecycle

Season 5. Secret romances are revealed during a benefit bike-a-thon.

Episode 9: Liquid Heat

Season 5. A heat wave causes temperatures to rise in several relationships.

Episode 8: Lay Down The Law

Season 5. Tasha's military review board hearing ends with a big surprise.

Episode 7: Lesbians Gone Wild

Season 5. On-set tensions inspire a night of lesbian Turkish oil wrestling.

Episode 6: Lights! Camera! Action!

Season 5. Production finally begins on "Lez Girls" despite star issues.

Episode 5: Lookin' At You, Kid

Season 5. Jenny's friends meet the actresses playing them in her movie.

Episode 4: Let's Get This Party Started

Season 5. Bette's jealous over Tina's girlfriend; a new lesbian club opens.

Episode 3: Lady Of The Lake

Season 5. Shane eschews sex; Tina's dating woes improve; Kit is attacked.

Episode 2: Look Out, Here They Come!

Season 5. Shane accepts an eventful hairdressing gig at a wedding.

Episode 1: LGB Tease

Season 5 premiere. Jenny secures movie funding from a smitten billionaire.

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