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Episode 12: Loyal And True

Season 5 finale. Jenny is betrayed, but Helena proves to be a true friend.

Alice's loyalty to Tasha is tested by a new friend.

Might Be In Troublei

Phyllis doesn't approve of Shane's relationship with Molly.

Not Worthyi

Episode 11: Lunar Cycle

Season 5. Power plays result in the careers of Jenny and Kit falling apart.

Niki and Begonia get into it before a scene.

Deleted Scenei

Dawn Denbo and her lover Cindi have some shocking news for the girls.

We Own This Placei

Jenny tries to convince Niki to walk out of production with her.

Please Come With Mei

Episode 10: Lifecycle

Season 5. Secret romances are revealed during a benefit bike-a-thon.

Niki has some fun with a video camera.

Deleted Scenei

The girls remember an old friend.

Riding For Danai

Jodi's not sure exactly what's going on with Bette.

She Can Be Moodyi

Episode 9: Liquid Heat

Season 5. A heat wave causes temperatures to rise in several relationships.

Kit warns Bette against hurting Jodi.

Better Be Carefuli

Molly may be more than just a straight-crush for Shane.

We Don't Have Toi

A series of tremors hit Los Angeles.

Deleted Scenei

Episode 8: Lay Down The Law

Season 5. Tasha's military review board hearing ends with a big surprise.

Bette is unsure of how to handle her relationships with Jodi and Tina.

Some Kind of Flingi

Jenny has to deal with the consequences from the SheBar debacle.

SheBar Fallouti

Episode 7: Lesbians Gone Wild

Season 5. On-set tensions inspire a night of lesbian Turkish oil wrestling.

Jenny plays mediator to settle a cast dispute.

Deleted Scenei

Jenny's given the task of retrieving Niki from the oil wrestling ring.

Get Heri

Alice gets some advice while guest hosting a talk show.

Fun Gayi

Episode 6: Lights! Camera! Action!

Season 5. Production finally begins on "Lez Girls" despite star issues.

Bette considers her relationship with Jodi.

Doesn't Comparei

Tasha and Alice have parting words.

I Trust Youi

Episode 5: Lookin' At You, Kid

Season 5. Jenny's friends meet the actresses playing them in her movie.

Tina asks Jenny's assistant to keep her in the loop.

For Jenny's Benefiti

Dawn Denbo crashes the party and declares war.

It's Oni

Bette is trying to deflect blame away from Jodi.

Deleted Scenei

Episode 4: Let's Get This Party Started

Season 5. Bette's jealous over Tina's girlfriend; a new lesbian club opens.

Jenny throws a fit while casting a part for Lez Girls.

She Can't Acti

Alice is surprised when a couple of military officers show up at her door.

Just Take a Minutei

Episode 3: Lady Of The Lake

Season 5. Shane eschews sex; Tina's dating woes improve; Kit is attacked.

Tina goes home with her date for a glass of wine.

They're Beautifuli

Shane declares a moritorium on sex, drama, and jealousy.

Sworn Off Sexi

Episode 2: Look Out, Here They Come!

Season 5. Shane accepts an eventful hairdressing gig at a wedding.

Shane styles the hair of some curious ladies.

I'm Nexti

Things come to a boil between Tasha and Alice.

You Don't Get Iti

Episode 1: LGB Tease

Season 5 premiere. Jenny secures movie funding from a smitten billionaire.

Alice speaks to Tasha on the phone.

I Love Youi

Tina has a few notes for Jenny's script.

A Few Notesi

Behind the Scenes

Marlee Matlin discusses her character Jodi, and how Hollywood is portrayed in season five.

Marlee Matlini

Mia Kirshner discusses her character Jenny, as well as her upcoming book.

Mia Kirshneri

Jennifer Beals talks about Bette's relationship with Jodi and how Tina fits in.

Jennifer Bealsi

Laurel Holloman discusses how Tina has changed and how the show depicts Hollywood.

Laurel Hollomani

Kate Moennig talks about Jenny and how Shane still puts up with her.

Kate Moennigi

Leisha Hailey talks about how the cast has changed throughout the years.

Leisha Haileyi

Daniela Sea discusses the role of Max and some other projects she's been involved with.

Daniela Seai

Rose Rollins talks about Tasha's relationship with Alice.

Rose Rollinsi

Elizabeth Keener talks about joining the cast of The L Word for its fifth season.

Elizabeth Keeneri

Pam Grier talks about the conflict revolving around The Planet.

Pam Grieri

Rachel Shelley talks about Helena's role in the fifth season.

Rachel Shelleyi

Cybill Shepherd talks about working with her daughter.

Cybill Shepherdi


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