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03/12/2014 - 09/09/2014
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Whitney heads north to San Francisco but fails to leave her girl troubles behind; Romi faces the challenge of her new sobriety while still wrestling with her and Kelsey's sexual issues; Sajdah's relationship with Chanel proceeds rapidly; Kacy and Cori find a sperm donor online; Francine counts the days until Claire moves out - and so does Claire, who is eager to leave.

Showtime Advisories
Graphic Language, Surround Sound, Adult Content, Nudity, Dolby Digital 5.1, English/Spanish

56 min.


Music From This Episode

song title
performed by
Hazy play Hazy
Love Darling
Till We Go play Till We Go
Clara C
A Little Bit Of Time play A Little Bit Of Time
Rich Kid Soundsystem
In My Bed play In My Bed
Queen Caveat
Lady Killer play Lady Killer
White Sea
We Own The Night play We Own The Night
Megha Maan
Hottt play Hottt
Lock Stock play Lock Stock
That Niave play That Niave
Erika Fatale
I Don't Aim play I Don't Aim
Pony Up!
Club Music play Club Music
Tatiana Owens
Girlfriend play Girlfriend
Tiger Baby
Forever play Forever
Tonight play Tonight
Pony Up!
After Love play After Love
East Hundred
Unlove Pill play Unlove Pill
Rochella Danishei