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Episode 9: The Pieces Fall Into Place

Season 2. Kacy and Cori pursue one last chance at pregnancy.

Whitney hosts her Pumps vs. Pants event; the girls look toward their futures.

Next on Episode 9i

The Pumps/Pants showdown is in full swing, including a chocolate syrup wrestling match.

Pumps, Pants and Chocolatei

Cori and Kacy visit a florist during preparations for a fertility ceremony.

Fertile Liliesi

Episode 8: The Hardest Time

Season 2. Pregnancy issues and alcohol threaten two of the couples.

Saj's mom comes to visit; Whitney gives Kacy and Cori her homemade gift.

Next on Episode 8i

Francine reveals her plan to come out to her mother.

Coming Outi

Saj greets her mom at the airport.

Sugar Mommai

Episode 7: Playing With Fire

Season 2. Romi's jewelry investment pays off; Kacy prays for divine help.

Cori looks for little signs that she may be pregnant.

Am I Pregnant?i

Whitney helps Romi celebrate her one month of sobriety.

Sobriety Checkpointi

Episode 6: Baby Batter Up!

Season 2. Romi starts a new job; Saj surprises Chanel with a romantic day.

Sajdah gives her mom a lesson about being gay.

Learning Curvei

Claire's sister lectures her about the Vivian situation.

Sisterly Advicei

Episode 5: It's About To Get Juicy

Season 2. Whitney gets over Sara; Kacy and Cori see a fertility doctor.

Whitney discovers a new crush at a friend's pool party.

Pool Partyi

Cori meets with a hypnotist for help with quitting smoking.


Episode 4: The Other L Word

Season 2. Newly sober Romi focuses on a career; Claire gets her own place.

Cori and Kacy meet Whitney and Sara.

The Perfect Couplei

During a birthday party Sajdah throws for her girlfriend Chanel, the two discuss "the other L word."

The Other L Wordi

Episode 3: Back To Square One

Season 2. Whitney flees her girl troubles; Romi faces her new sobriety.

Kacy and Cori purchase sperm to start a family.

A Big Purchasei

Whitney discusses her past fling and Facebook relationships.

Old Flamesi

Episode 2: The Morning After

Season 2. Whitney wakes up in Sara's bed; Claire and Francine regroup.

Cori and Kacy ask their guy friends to donate their sperm.

Detach Yourselfi

Episode 1: Fresh Start

Season 2 premiere. Exes reunited in L.A.; a same-sex couple wants a baby.

Whitney picks up her ex-girlfriend Rachel from the airport.

High Standardi

Romi takes a trip to NYC with her new girlfriend.

Exactly My Typei

Behind the Scenes

The women address rumors and falsehoods about lesbians.

The Real L Word: Common Misconceptionsi

The ladies share their stories about coming out to their friends and family.

The Real L Word: Coming Out Storiesi

If you thought Whitney was outrageous last season just wait until this season. Whitney's back with an all new cast, all new hook ups and all new drama.

The Real L Word Season One Recapi

The Real L Word is back Get a sneak peek at what's to come in the new season.

Behind the Scenes: The Real L Word Season 2i

Whitney discusses her families reaction to last season, her new love interests, and the new girls in the show.

Very Supportive: Whitneyi

Romi talks about her families reaction to the show and her new girlfriend Kelsey.

A Whole Lot More: Romii

Claire discusses why she decided to join the cast, the L.A. lesbian scene, and her girlfriend Vivian.

New Kid in Town: Clairei

Sajdah describes her personality, what drew her to the show and what fans can expect to see this season.

Rare Breed: Sajdahi

Cori discusses her relationship with Kacy, describes the lesbian community in L.A., and trying to have a baby.

Carefree: Corii

Kacy discusses her wife Cori and trying to have a baby.

Loyal: Kacyi

Whitney is a special effects makeup artist and also a bit of a firecracker.

Meet Whitneyi

Claire is a producer with aspirations of creating her own website about lesbian life.

Meet Clairei

Romi is a makeup artist that just created her own jewelry line.

Meet Romii

Cori and Kacy are a happily married couple ready to start a family, but it won't be easy. They discuss their journey this season as they cope with that hardship.

Meet Cori and Kacyi


Sex, love, friends, fights, girls, and parties. The Real L Word returns for an all new season.

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