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Episode 10: Episode 210

Season 2 finale. Henry proposes to his new love as Anne awaits execution.

Episode 9: Episode 209

Season 2. Henry charges Anne with adultery, sentencing her lovers to death.

Episode 8: Episode 208

Season 2. Henry finds a new lover and seeks a renewed alliance with Spain.

Episode 7: Episode 207

Season 2. Katherine's death seems to give Anne a firmer grip on power.

Episode 6: Episode 206

Season 2. The Pope denounces Henry; France refuses to legitimize Elizabeth.

Episode 5: Episode 205

Season 2. The Boleyns' status weakens; Henry orders Thomas More executed.

Episode 4: Episode 204

Season 2. Henry jails Sir Thomas More for refusing to take a new oath.

Episode 3: Episode 203

Season 2. Henry marries Anne, who gives birth to a daughter, Elizabeth.

Episode 2: Episode 202

Season 2. Henry undermines the Church as Brandon schemes against Anne.

Episode 1: Episode 201

Season 2 premiere. The Reformation begins as Henry breaks with the Church.

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