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Episode 10: Episode 210

Season 2 finale. Henry proposes to his new love as Anne awaits execution.

The future of the Seymour's is sealed with a kiss.

Destiny & Fortunei

Anne's execution is put off once again.

I Am Readyi

Episode 9: Episode 209

Season 2. Henry charges Anne with adultery, sentencing her lovers to death.

Anne denies Henry's claims and begs for another chance.

One More Chancei

Henry calls for an investigation into certain rumors of treason.

Acts of Treasoni

Episode 8: Episode 208

Season 2. Henry finds a new lover and seeks a renewed alliance with Spain.

The Seymour family discusses Henry's recent interest in Jane.

Formed an Affectioni

Henry is convinced that he is alive because of Lady Jane.

What is This?i

Episode 7: Episode 207

Season 2. Katherine's death seems to give Anne a firmer grip on power.

The Pope believe Henry has drifted out to sea.

Swimming Alonei

Anne's paranoia strikes a nerve with Henry.

It's Not Poisonousi

Episode 6: Episode 206

Season 2. The Pope denounces Henry; France refuses to legitimize Elizabeth.

Anne is persistent in finding out about the King's affairs.

Who Was She?i

Henry chooses Charles to entertain the Admiral of France.

He Loves Mei

Episode 5: Episode 205

Season 2. The Boleyns' status weakens; Henry orders Thomas More executed.

Thomas More finds himself in a conversation of hypotheticals.

Hypothetical Questioni

The King's affections fall upon an unsuspecting girl in the woods.

Come With Mei

Episode 4: Episode 204

Season 2. Henry jails Sir Thomas More for refusing to take a new oath.

The Pope challenges Henry's authority.

This Is Unacceptablei

Henry has arranged for Elizabeth to be cared for elsewhere.

Queens Don't Do Thati

Episode 3: Episode 203

Season 2. Henry marries Anne, who gives birth to a daughter, Elizabeth.

Henry wishes to appoint the new Archbishop of Canterbury to deal with his great matter.

The Archbishop of Canterburyi

Pope John Paul III threatens excommunication for Henry's defiance.

On Pain of Excommunicationi

Episode 2: Episode 202

Season 2. Henry undermines the Church as Brandon schemes against Anne.

Charles expresses his concern regarding Henry's intent to marry Anne.

Happy Christmasi

Henry intends to present Anne Boleyn as the future Queen of England.

Future Queeni

Episode 1: Episode 201

Season 2 premiere. The Reformation begins as Henry breaks with the Church.

Anne is infuriated to find that the Queen still makes shirts for Henry.

His Majesty's Shirtsi

King Henry pronounces his duty to protect England.

My Sacred Dutyi

Behind the Scenes

Meet the cast from Season 2 of The Tudors.

Royal Cast of Charactersi

Behind the Scenes of Tudors Season 2

Behind the Scenesi

Jonathan Rhys Meyers talks about how Henry has changed.

Jonathan Rhys Meyersi

Peter O'Toole discuses his role as Pope Paul III.

Peter O'Toolei

Henry Cavill talks about Charles Brandon's relationship with Henry VIII.

Henry Cavilli

Natalie Dormer talks about how Henry and Anne's relationship has changed.

Natalie Dormeri

Michael Hirst dicusses the differences between this season and last.

Michael Hirst Part 1i

Michael Hirst talks about the introduction of the Seymours.

Michael Hirst Part 2i

Henry Cavill plays Charles Brandon, longtime friend of Henry VIII.

Henry Cavill Profilei

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is Henry VIII.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Profilei

Descendants of Henry VIII talk about their royal bloodlines.

Royal Descendantsi

Don't miss the premiere of Season 2 of The Tudors on Sunday, March 30th at 9PM ET/PT.

Tudors Season 2 Premiere Partyi

For the premiere of The Tudors, Showtime transformed the Sheraton New York into a castle.

Sheraton Hotel Wrapi

Tudors Tower of London

Tudors Tower of Londoni


Anne's Letter

Anne's Letteri

Royal Job Title

Royal Job Titlei

Season 2 of The Tudors premieres Sunday March 30 at 9pm et/pt.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is Kingi

King Henry VIII is more powerful than ever before.

Obsession Can Change the Worldi
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