A Showtime Original Series

Episode 8: #308

Season 3 finale. Henry annuls his loveless marriage to Anne of Cleves.

Episode 7: #307

Season 3. Henry agrees to an arranged marriage in order to avoid a war.

Episode 6: #306

Season 3. Cromwell schemes to ensure the king marries a Protestant wife.

Episode 5: #305

Season 3. Henry's grief-stricken seclusion emboldens the crown's enemies.

Episode 4: #304

Season 3. Henry's joy at the birth of his son and heir is short-lived.

Episode 3: #303

Season 3. Henry reconciles with his estranged daughters Mary and Elizabeth.

Episode 2: #302

Season 3. The rebellion known as the Pilgrimage of Grace begins in earnest.

Episode 1: #301

Season 3 premiere. Praying for a male heir, Henry VIII weds a third time.


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