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Episode 10: #410

Season 4 finale. Henry defeats a final foe before facing his own mortality.

Episode 9: #409

Season 4. Henry rejects powerful accusations of heresy against the queen.

Episode 8: #408

Season 4. Defeat to France is narrowly averted but Henry's health suffers.

Episode 7: #407

Season 4. Henry marries a respected, stable queen as war looms with France.

Episode 6: #406

Season 4. Henry surprises the court with a series of bold, mature moves.

Episode 5: #405

Season 4. The devastated king banishes his queen from court.

Episode 4: #404

Season 4. The queen's past is revealed in an anonymous letter to Henry.

Episode 3: #403

Season 4. A newly tolerant Henry VIII forgives the rebels in the North.

Episode 2: #402

Season 4. Henry's age catches up to him during Christmas celebrations.

Episode 1: #401

Season 4 premiere. Henry marries his lustful and lowborn teen mistress.

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