A Showtime Original Series

Episode 12: Miracle

Season 1 finale. Tara begins healing after meeting someone from her past.

Episode 11: Snow

Season 1. Tara checks into a treatment facility and delves into her past.

Episode 10: Betrayal

Season 1. Tara has a meltdown when her therapist terminates treatment.

Episode 9: Possibility

Season 1. During a trip with Kate, an argument causes Tara to become "T."

Episode 8: Abundance

Season 1. Max decides to embrace his time with Alice when Tara's missing.

Episode 7: Alterations

Season 1. Charmaine is surprised when "Buck" aids her surgical recovery.

Episode 6: Transition

Season 1. Tara's parents visit with a secret agenda to take her kids away.

Episode 5: Revolution

Season 1. "T" disappears with Tara's car, so Marshall throws a house party.

Episode 4: Inspiration

Season 1. Tara's doing well at work and life, until a devastating setback.

Episode 3: Work

Season 1. A date night becomes a male-bonding session for Max and "Buck."

Episode 2: Aftermath

Season 1. Tara turns to her homemaker personality for help with the kids.

Episode 1: Pilot

Season 1 premiere. A suburban wife and mother has multiple personalities.

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