A Showtime Original Series

Episode 12: From This Day Forward

Season 2 finale. Tara confronts her parents on her sister's wedding day.

Episode 11: To Have And To Hold

Season 2. Tara visits the woman from her memories as a new alter emerges.

Episode 10: Open House

Season 2. Max holds an open house; Tara asks her mother about her memories.

Episode 9: The Family Portrait

Season 2. Tara hopes her work on a family portrait will prove healing.

Episode 8: Explosive Diorama

Season 2. A happy and healthy Tara prepares for an art show with Lynda.

Episode 7: Dept of F**ked Up Family Services

Season 2. A pending visit by a social worker puts Max into a tailspin.

Episode 6: Torando!

Season 2. A tornado forces the Gregsons to take shelter in their basement.

Episode 5: Doin' Time

Season 2. Tara remains aware of her actions when her new alter takes over.

Episode 4: You Becoming You

Season 2. Tara seeks a new therapist as a new alter emerges.

Episode 3: The Truth Hurts

Season 2. The truth emerges about Tara's alters; Max reacts unexpectedly.

Episode 2: Trouble Junction

Season 2. Tara conceals the fact that her "alters" have reappeared.

Episode 1: Yes

Season 2 premiere. An unexpected passing changes the Gregsons' lives.

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