Lotfy Nathan's wild and dynamic documentary envisions the stunning antics of a notorious Baltimore dirt bike pack through the eyes of a bright adolescent who's obsessed with the riders and willing to do anything to join their ranks.

12 O'Clock Boys: The Director's Cut Traileri

A freak accident irrevocably brings three strangers together.

21 Grams Traileri

A womanizer attempts to teach his friend the rules about being single.

6 Month Rule Traileri

A video memorial creates an atmosphere of paranoia at an elite prep school.

Afterschool Traileri

Showtime Sports presents "Against the Tide": an in-depth look at the roles of legendary Alabama football coach Paul "Bear"; Bryant and University of Southern California coach John McKay in the integration of college football in the south.

Against the Tide Traileri

Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant's stance on integrating the University of Alabama football program is remembered in this clip from Against the Tide, a Showtime Sports documentary.

Against the Tide: Paul "Bear" Bryanti

As the reality of playing in Alabama set in, many USC players began to worry for their safety.

Against the Tide: Into the Lion's Deni

While the crowd was stunned by the number of black players from Southern California, Alabama's John Hannah admits he was "scared to death" of the more experienced USC team.

Against the Tide: Scared to Deathi

A detective is pushed to the limits as he tangles with a serial killer.

Alex Cross Traileri

This documentary explores poker's renaissance into a worldwide phenomenon.

All In - The Poker Movie Traileri

A self-help author dispenses advice while navigating her own messy life.

Amy's Orgasm Traileri

Don't miss Another Day, Another Time, a documentary celebrating the music of "Inside Llewyn Davis" premiering Friday, December 13th at 10PM ET/PT.

Another Day/Another Time: Celebrating The Music of "Inside Llewyn Davis"i

Don't miss Another Day/Another Time, a documentary celebrating the music of "Inside Llewyn Davis" premiering Friday, December 13th at 10PM ET/PT only on Showtime.

Another Day/Another Time: Celebrating The Music of "Inside Llewyn Davis" Concert Reviewi

Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep star in this dark, hilarious family drama.

August: Osage County Traileri

Pamela Anderson stars in this rock 'em, sock 'em cartoon adventure.

Barb Wire Traileri

A holiday getaway turns sinister when a family finds themselves trapped.

Barricade Traileri

A disturbed storyteller leads two teenagers into a dark, twisted world.

Barrio Tales Traileri

Chronicle of 30-year oil-and-water friendship between two women.

Beaches Traileri

Three brothers have only days to live, thanks to a suspect medical trial.

A Beginner's Guide to Endings Traileri

A puppeteer discovers a secret portal into the mind of a famous actor.

Being John Malkovich Traileri

Unlikely partners rely on luck to take down a dangerous killer.

Bending the Rules Traileri

Bill Bellamy's groundbreaking comedy tour brings together some of today's hottest male comics on showcase for the ladies of America. Featuring comics Ali Siddiq, Jay Reid and D'Lai.

Bill Bellamy Traileri

Legendary mob boss Dutch Schultz takes a scrappy street kid under his wing.

Billy Bathgate Traileri

Don't miss Billy Joel: A Matter Of Trust - The Bridge To Russia premiering Friday January 31st at 9PM ET/PT.

Billy Joel: A Matter Of Trust - The Bridge To Russia Traileri

Get a behind the scenes look at Billy Joel: A Matter Of Trust - The Bridge To Russia premiering January 31st at 9PM ET/PT.

Behind the Scenes: Billy Joel: A Matter Of Trust - The Bridge To Russiai

A man struggles to provide for his children on the streets of Barcelona.

Biutiful Traileri

Rayne faces her greatest foe - a growing army of undead Nazi soldiers.

Bloodrayne The Third Reich Traileri

A hockey player tries to win a tournament with an all Indian team.

Breakaway Traileri

Documentary about a Puerto Rican father who becomes an Obama impersonator.

Bronx Obama Traileri

A criminal subculture operates among soldiers stationed in West Germany.

Buffalo Soldiers Traileri

A tormented surfer, despite vicious abuse, relies on his longtime pal.

Bully Traileri

A mysterious pair of women seek shelter at a coastal resort.

Byzantium Traileri

An unlikely band of heroes save the world from an army of living corpses.

A Cadaver Christmas Traileri

Mind games escalate into a bloody act of violence in this erotic thriller.

The Canyons Traileri

A young writer (Justin Long) woos a quirky barista (Evan Rachel Wood) by studying her Facebook profile and making himself into the man of her dreams. When she falls for his alter ego, he must keep up the act or risk losing her.

A Case of You Traileri

Minimum-wage mini-mart clerks hang out in a retail limbo.

Clerks Traileri

When a man shoots a burglar, he becomes embroiled in a dark underworld.

Cold in July Traileri

A witty young woman seeks sexual fulfillment and an Ivy League degree.

Coming Soon (1999) Trailer i

Roommates stumble across $3 million dollars in the aftermath of a shootout.

Concrete Blondes Traileri

Two teenagers from the opposite side of the tracks fall for each other.

crazy/beautiful Traileri