Revered UNC coach Dean Smith's life & legacy remembered in the upcoming SHOWTIME Sports documentary, DEAN SMITH. Learn how Smith earned the admiration from his biggest rival, Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski. Premieres Wed 3/25 at 9p ET/PT on SHOWTIME.

DEAN SMITH: Coach K on his Rivali

Coach, mentor, social activist: the life and legacy of North Carolina's legendary basketball coach, Dean Smith. SHOWTIME Sports documentary DEAN SMITH premieres Wednesday, March 25 at 9p ET/PT on SHOWTIME.

DEAN SMITH Launch Traileri

Former Tar Heel and NBA legend Michael Jordan discusses University of North Carolina Coach Dean Smith's role in shaping him as both a player and person. DEAN SMITH premieres March 25 at 9p ET/PT on SHOWTIME.

Michael Jordan Reflects on DEAN SMITHi

A man discovers he's fathered hundreds of kids through sperm donations.

Delivery Man Traileri

Documentary chronicling flamboyant celebrity and former NBA badboy Dennis Rodman's friendship with leader Kim Jong-un that sends him on a controversial mission to improve relations between North Korea and the US. Premieres at 9PM ET/PT on SHOWTIME.

Dennis Rodman's Big Bang in Pyongyang Traileri

A Nazi torture specialist plays cat and mouse with a group of students.

The Depraved Traileri

When two best friends team up to film a comedy about getting revenge on bullies, the exercise takes a devastating turn when one of them begins to think of it as more than a joke.

The Dirties Traileri

Donovan returns home after years of exile, only to find that traumatic events from 30 years earlier are mysteriously repeating themselves.

Donovan's Echo Traileri

Documentary about a former Chicago prostitute who helps women and teenage girls break the cycle of abuse and exploitation.

Dreamcatcher Traileri

Stand-up comic Earthquake unleashes his best in this comedy special.

Earthquake: These Ain't Jokes Traileri

Documentary portrait of the life and music of chameleon Elvis Costello.

Elvis Costello: Mystery Dance Traileri

Two enemies must work together to escape a ruthless drug cartel.

Enemies Closer Traileri

Spanish horror film about a teenage girl possessed by a sinister force.

Exorcismus Traileri

A police detective's search for a serial killer becomes personal.

Fatal Instinct Traileri

The Fifth Estate Traileri

A man finds a huge stash of photography taken by Vivian Maier.

Finding Vivian Maier Traileri

Everything changes when a young girl's mum brings home a new boyfriend.

Fish Tank Traileri

Frank Miller's classic graphic novels return to the screen, weaving together gritty tales that feature Basin City's most hardboiled citizens as they cross paths with the town's more notorious inhabitants. Stars Jessica Alba.

Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Traileri

A mad scientist conducts experiments to create an army of undead soldiers.

Frankenstein's Army Traileri

An inside look at the military training, academics and athletic preparation for the cadets and midshipmen that culminate in each year's Army-Navy Football Game. Watch the Emmy Award-winning documentary on SHOWTIME and SHOWTIME Anytime this December.

A Game of Honor - Army vs. Navy Football Documentary Previewi

Comedy special featuring fearless and unconventional comedian Gary Owen.

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Don't miss Genesis - Sum of the Parts premiering Friday, October 10th.

Genesis - Sum of the Parts Traileri

Get a behind the scenes look at Genesis - Sum of the Parts.

Behind the Scenes: Genesis - Sum of the Partsi

Feature-length documentary about the life of trailblazer Geraldine Ferraro.

Geraldine Ferraro: Paving the Way Traileri

Haunting futuristic tale about a young man living in a colorless, bland utopia, who meets the Giver, an older man who keeps the memories of the past, and opens his eyes to see the dangerous truth about the world. Stars Meryl Streep.

The Giver Traileri

Documentary about a single mom risking all for her cage fighting career.

Glena Traileri

Phillip Seymour Hoffman stars as a man caught in a life and death struggle.

God's Pocket Traileri

An intimate portrait of Frida Giannini, Gucci's Creative Director.

Gucci: The Director Traileri

A naval officer is on a dangerous mission in a distant colony world.

Halo: Nightfall Traileri

A washed up porn photographer tries to get back into the spotlight.

Happy in the Valley Traileri

A teen lures a pedophile to an encounter, then turns the tables on him.

Hard Candy Traileri

A wild teenage girl orchestrates a romance between her nanny and her dad.

Hateship Loveship Traileri

A woman must face the ultimate survival test in the African desert.

Heatstroke Traileri

Documentary about the rebirth of the bartender and the craft cocktail.

Hey Bartender Traileri

A 40-year-old man meets the love of his life online but there's a catch.

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Go inside NCAA powerhouse programs with exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of both Notre Dame Fighting Irish and University of Maryland Terrapins' 2014-2015 men's college basketball seasons. Premieres Wednesday, March 18 at 9p ET/PT on SHOWTIME.

HOOPS U Launch Traileri

HOOPS U examines Fighting Irish point guard Jerian Grant and his exciting offensive play, which has put him in the conversation for NCAA Men's Basketball Player of the Year. HOOPS U premieres Wednesday, March 18 at 9p ET/PT on SHOWTIME.

Jerian Grant: Notre Dame Star PG - HOOPS Ui

Maryland Head Coach Mark Turgeon reflects on the life and legacy of the late Dean Smith during a pregame speech to his Terrapins. The exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary, HOOPS U, premieres Wednesday, March 18 at 9p ET/PT on SHOWTIME.

UMD Coach Mark Turgeon's Pregame Speech on Dean Smith - HOOPS Ui

Behind-the-scenes look at the University of Notre Dame men's basketball squad enjoying some team camaraderie over dinner. HOOPS U premieres Wednesday, March 18 at 9p ET/PT on SHOWTIME.

The Fighting Irish Go Out for Hibachi - HOOPS Ui

Members of the Fighting Irish basketball team attend Notre Dame's annual charity boxing tournament, Bengal Bouts. HOOPS U promises a deep look inside the lives of players, coaches and team personnel - tune in Wednesday, 3/18 at 9p ET/PT on SHOWTIME.

University of Notre Dame's Bengal Bouts - HOOPS Ui