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Episode 10: Strange Bedfellows

Season 1. Fiona clicks with a media mogul until her marriage is rekindled.

Fiona confronts Kip about the mysterious purchases she found.

E-Paper Traili

Fiona struggles to figure out why a client has problems with relationships.

The Perfect Clienti

Episode 9: Whistle While You Work

Season 1. Fiona's investor goes out of business but she gets him to pay.

Jerome presents Fiona with a financial debacle.

71,000 Rupeesi

Fiona asks Robert how his wife is dealing with his house arrest.

Fair Weather Wifei

Episode 8: Psychic Analysis

Season 1. Fiona's new client needs help retrieving her psychic abilities.

Fiona struggles to help a woman that claims to have psychic abilities.

Psychic Therapyi