A Showtime Original Series

Episode 10: Strange Bedfellows

Season 1. Fiona clicks with a media mogul until her marriage is rekindled.

Fiona confronts Kip about the mysterious purchases she found.

E-Paper Traili

Fiona struggles to figure out why a client has problems with relationships.

The Perfect Clienti

Episode 9: Whistle While You Work

Season 1. Fiona's investor goes out of business but she gets him to pay.

Jerome presents Fiona with a financial debacle.

71,000 Rupeesi

Fiona asks Robert how his wife is dealing with his house arrest.

Fair Weather Wifei

Episode 8: Psychic Analysis

Season 1. Fiona's new client needs help retrieving her psychic abilities.

Fiona is shocked by her mother's "going out" clothes.

My Favorite Bari

Fiona struggles to help a woman that claims to have psychic abilities.

Psychic Therapyi

Episode 7: Exposed!

Season 1. Fiona and her husband try to expose the impostor in their family.

Gina tells Fiona about how she's taking care of the company's CFO.


Fiona gets her first look at half-brother Tik.

First Impressioni

Episode 6: We've Got A Secret

Season 1. Secrets revealed about Fiona's family threaten her business plan.

Fiona's mom makes a shocking announcement.

All Things Orientali

Robin tries to convince Fiona she knows her husband Kip.

Same Guy?i

Episode 5: Shrinking And Growing

Season 1. Business booms regardless of Fiona's actual professional skills.

A sporty new client takes a few not so subtle digs at Fiona.


Fiona is shocked when a client reveals he's a fundamentalist Mormon.

My Momsi

Episode 4: Public Relations

Season 1. Fiona blackmails a client into providing promotional services.

Fiona tries to reveal how a client feels emasculated by his girlfriend's success.

Male Inadequacy i

Fiona meets a high-strung woman whose been ordered to seek therapy.

Pushy Patienti

Episode 3: Shrink Rap

Season 1. Fiona's web business is evaluated by an independent analyst.

Fiona talks to her mom about her new profession and the influence of her childhood.

Mother Dearesti

Fiona tells her friend Gina about potential investors for her new business.

Due Diligencei

Episode 2: Desperate Measures

Season 1. Fiona exploits a client's sexual problem to impress an investor.

Fiona has an awkward encounter with Kamal while he helps set up her computer.

Tech Supporti

Fiona tries to convince her clients to let her record their sessions.

Test Casei

Episode 1: Click To Start

Season 1 premiere. Fiona takes a new client with a very marketable problem.

Fiona explains why she switched certain clients to online therapy.

Therapy 2.0i

Fiona gets her husband to pretend to be a client.

Trial Runi
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