A Showtime Comedy Series

Episode 10: No Place Like Home

Season 3 finale. Kip (Victor Garber) makes a decision about the divorce.

Episode 9: Affairs To Remember

The motivation for Chris' (Chelsea Handler) reunion with Fiona is revealed.

Episode 8: Husband Hunting

Fiona's mother Putsy (Lily Tomlin) calls to check in on Kip.

Episode 7: Games People Play

Fiona takes on a new client - gambler Nick Jericho (Matt LeBlanc).

Episode 6: Love Stories

Fiona takes on a batch of new clients, including a long-distance couple.

Episode 5: Stage Struck

Fiona travels to Karen's hoarding den. Fiona plans to silence Robin.

Episode 4: Case Files

Fiona encounters happy hoarder Karen Sharpe (Meg Ryan).

Episode 3: Believe It Or Not

Fiona is shocked to discover that Jackson is investing in the musical.

Episode 2: Who Doesn't Love Musicals

Fiona's husband Kip (Victor Garber) calls. Fiona welcomes Jerome back.

Episode 1: Relax, Reboot, Revenge

Season 3 premiere. Fiona (Lisa Kudrow) indulges at a beach resort.

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