A Showtime Original Series

Episode 10: No Place Like Home

Season 3 finale. Kip (Victor Garber) makes a decision about the divorce.

Jerome tells Fiona that he's a father.

Brighten My Dayi

Fiona learns that she is no longer going to be on the Today Show.

Life's a Crunchi

Episode 9: Affairs To Remember

The motivation for Chris' (Chelsea Handler) reunion with Fiona is revealed.

Fiona's mom writes a book.


Episode 8: Husband Hunting

Fiona's mother Putsy (Lily Tomlin) calls to check in on Kip.

A gambling addict learns that Fiona has bested him at poker.

Best Blufferi

Fiona has a session with her first husband who is now a woman.

Gender Reassignment Surgeryi

Episode 7: Games People Play

Fiona takes on a new client - gambler Nick Jericho (Matt LeBlanc).

Fiona meets with a gambling addict.

Gambling Problemi

Fiona meets with a woman who has office romance problems.

Let His Dog Outi

Episode 6: Love Stories

Fiona takes on a batch of new clients, including a long-distance couple.

When Fiona speaks with Kip, she finds out that the campaign investigation has targeted a new suspect.

Thoughts, Plans and Schemesi

Fiona meets with a couple in a long distance relationship.

Long Distance Relationshipi

Episode 5: Stage Struck

Fiona travels to Karen's hoarding den. Fiona plans to silence Robin.

Fiona and Robin discuss Robin's commitment problems with Richard.

Options Openi

In pursuit of evidence that may clear her name, Fiona travels to Karen's hoarding den.

Wasn't a Handlei

Episode 4: Case Files

Fiona encounters happy hoarder Karen Sharpe (Meg Ryan).

Fiona and a political supporter and super fan of Kip have a conversation.

Girl Talki

Fiona and Gina discuss the wedding.

Special Dayi

Episode 3: Believe It Or Not

Fiona is shocked to discover that Jackson is investing in the musical.

Fiona asks her client painful questions.

Shocking Questioni

Fiona discusses the music business with a client

Jay Z or Jay Ti

Episode 2: Who Doesn't Love Musicals

Fiona's husband Kip (Victor Garber) calls. Fiona welcomes Jerome back.

Fiona speaks to her former husband and his new lover.

Donkey Bootyi

Fiona meets with an alcoholic client who is also a song writer.

Don't Singi

Episode 1: Relax, Reboot, Revenge

Season 3 premiere. Fiona (Lisa Kudrow) indulges at a beach resort.

Fiona meets with Jackson.


Fiona has a session with her patient Gina who moved to Scotland.