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Episode 12: Pittsburgh

Season 2 finale. Nancy descends into chaos thanks to family and business.

Isabelle warns her father about Celia's impending return.

Gathering Strengthi

Shane offers up a rousing graduation speech.

Let Him Speaki

Episode 11: Yeah. Like Tomatoes

Season 2. Peter eavesdrops on Nancy; Celia and Doug's affair gets serious.

Nancy tries to convince Heylia to put their dispute behind them for the sake of business.

I Drive a Priusi

Uncle Andy explains his romantic history.


Episode 10: Mile Deep and a Foot Wide

Season 2. Heylia pressures Nancy to fix things between them.

Nancy's overwhelmed and Conrad helps her find relief.

Too Deepi

An unexpected guest has Andy choking.

Gone by Tomorrowi

Episode 9: Bash

Season 2. Silas and Shane throw a birthday party for their dad.

Uncle Andy offers the boys insight into their father's past.

Performance Arti

Doug invades a city council meeting to needle Celia.

All in Favori

Episode 8: MILF Money

Season 2. Nancy's first harvest includes a sale to rapper Snoop Dogg.

Shane put Celia in her place.

Point of Orderi

Andy raises a stink when finding out he's not getting paid.

Off Payrolli

Episode 7: Must Find Toes

Season 2. Nancy copes with domestic crises; Celia savors an upset victory.

Doctor offers up Andy's prognosis for a normal life.

Find My Toesi

Doug mourns his election loss.

Who Am Ii

Episode 6: Crush Girl Love Panic

Season 2. Celia's antics get her kicked off the set of Isabel's commercial.

Uncle Andy offers Shane a history lesson.


Isabel and Doug discuss managing Isabel's money

My Moneyi

Episode 5: Mrs. Botwin's Neighborhood

Season 2. The mob muscles in on Nancy's grow house; Celia debates Doug.

Nancy tries to get her DEA agent to do her dirty work.

New Bakersi

Shane brags to his friends about his sexual escapades.

Library Confessioni

Episode 4: A.K.A The Plant

Season 2. Nancy grows her business; Andy takes Shane to a massage parlor.

Doug and Andy enjoy an afternoon smoke.


Celia lets her disappointment be known after Dean loses his job.

Big Day Todayi

Episode 3: Last Tango in Agrestic

Season 2. Nancy reels from Peter's revelation and her son's growth spurt.

Celia gets roped into some morning exercising.

Talk to the Musclesi

Nancy discovers the culprit behind the house's clogged pipes.


Episode 2: Cooking with Jesus

Season 2. Nancy breaks up with Peter and shops at a marijuana convention.

The group discusses their future in the wake of Conrad's departure.

He's Outi

Andy reads off his rabbinical school essay.


Episode 1: Corn Snake

Season 2 premiere. Nancy chooses between her business and her boyfriend.

Nancy does her best to organize a family dinner.

Family Dinneri

A car crash has Celia ranting about Doug's ineptitude.

Car Crashi