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Episode 15: Go

Season 3 finale. Wildfire forces the residents of Agrestic to evacuate.

Nancy needs to appeal to Judah to convince Shane to leave the house.

Earthquake Boxi

Doug sings about the needs of marijuana smokers.

Where There's Firei

Episode 14: Protection

Season 3. Nancy deals with injured Silas, unstable Shane, and a biker gang.

Drug Money

Drug Moneyi

Andy and Nancy consider how to deal with Shane.

Getting Anyi

Episode 3: The Brick Dance

Season 3. Nancy's new employer is dangerous; Andy is shipped out to Iraq.

Celia's lawyer is looking for a way to take down Dean.

We'll Get Himi

Nancy looks to the family for suggestions on how to pay off her debt.

Keep Thinkingi

Episode 2: A Pool And His Money

Season 3. Nancy must strike new business deals; Celia's family rejects her.

U-Turn challenges Conrad to prove he's a thug.

Take Iti

Celia gets credit for all her hard work.

The Crusaderi

Episode 1: Doing The Backstroke

Season 3 premiere. The truth has emerged about Nancy's business.

Uncle Andy and the bounty hunter are hot on Shane's trail.

Have You Seen Shane?i
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