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Episode 13: If You Work For A Living, Why Do You Kill Yourself Working?

Season 4 finale. Nancy is questioned by the DEA and confesses to Esteban.

Silas and Shane let Andy know exactly how they feel about their mother.

Or Worsei

Esteban arranges for a meeting with Nancy on Silas' birthday.

Pancakes for Breakfasti

Episode 12: Till We Meet Again

Season 4. A fed-up Nancy squeals to the DEA about the drug tunnel.

Nancy wonders if Esteban will be looking into her while he tracks down who talked.

Looking Into Mei

Despite Isabelle's disgust, Shane offers to get pot for his new friends.

Wanna Get Highi

Episode 11: Head Cheese

Season 4. Celia has irreconcilable differences with her rehab partner.

A hungry customer isn't savvy to the real business Lisa and Silas are running.

Head Cheese Sandwichi

Nancy wants to know exactly what happened at Shane's sleepover.

Last Nighti

Episode 10: The Love Circle Overlap

Season 4. Nancy learns that the tunnel has uses other than drug smuggling.

Nancy walks in on Shane and a couple of girls planning a menage o trois.

Pierced Strangersi

Celia lashes out at her family and friends during her intervention.


Episode 9: Little Boats

Season 4. Each of the Botwins struggles with romantic complications.

Andy relishes in the new-found glory of his coyote business.

El Andyi

Nancy stops by the cheese shop to check up on Silas.

Sooner Than You Thinki

Episode 8: I Am The Table

Season 4. A spontaneous date ends in near-violence for Nancy and Esteban.

Uncle Andy guides people over the border.

Twice the Coyotei

Nancy's caught off guard when a gun fight breaks out over lunch with Esteban.

Guns and Lunchi

Episode 7: Yes I Can

Season 4. Doug and Andy review candidates for a human smuggling operation.

Silas puts the moves on his new neighbor Lisa.

Need for Cheesei

Andy and Doug do some market research before launching their new business.

Market Researchi

Episode 6: Excellent Treasures

Season 4. In a secret tunnel, Nancy witnesses something she shouldn't have.

Andy tries to talk Doug into smuggling Mexicans across the border.


Guillermo lets Nancy know that trouble for him is also trouble for her.

Trouble for Mei

Episode 5: No Man Is Pudding

Season 4. Nancy discovers that retail work isn't as boring as she expected.

Nancy is given a new job managing a maternity store at an outlet mall.

New Jobi

Andy falls in with a group of illegal aliens to cross the border.


Episode 4: Three Coolers

Season 4. Nancy takes Andy on a mission after a week sitting shiva.

Celia reports back to Detective Till with the evidence she's gathered.

Sing With Mei

Shane tries his best to hide what his mother does for a living.

Weed Dealeri

Episode 3: The Whole Blah Damn Thing

Season 4. Nancy makes her first border crossing; Celia strikes a deal.

Nancy is surprised to find out she'll be moving more than just pot across the border.

No Illegalsi

Lenny explains why he can't just pull the plug on his mother.

Yank it Outi

Episode 2: Lady's A Charm

Season 4. Nancy learns how to run drugs across the Mexican-U.S. border.

Nancy receives her first assignment from Guillermo.

Good Day for Blancai

Lenny leaves Silas and Shane at home to take care of their Bubbie.

Page Me at the Tracki

Episode 1: Mother Thinks The Birds Are After Her

Season 4 premiere. Nancy and her family relocate to a border town.

Andy wants to know what Nancy's plan is.

It's the Drug Businessi

Nancy's father-in-law still wishes Judah had married another woman.

Not Franciei
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