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Episode 13: Theoretical Love Is Not Dead

Season 6 finale. The Botwins face difficult choices on the brink of escape.

Nancy makes it to the airport but finds herself in a situation with Guillermo.

Mr. Freaky Shoesi

Andy and Shane devise a plan to get past an airport security check.

Follow My Leadi

Episode 12: Fran Tarkenton

Season 6. The Botwins scramble for passports; Doug returns to Agrestic.

Doug tries to reconnect with his wife.

Lost at Seai

Nancy continues her interview with Vaughn.

What Do You Know? i

Episode 11: Viking Pride

Season 6. Trying to escape the country, Nancy is haunted by her past.

Warren accidentally drinks some of Andy's special drink.

Give Up the Dreami

Nancy gets a lead on passports.

Purifying Wandi

Episode 10: Dearborn-Again

Season 6. Nancy returns to her home town and the company of an old friend.

The Botwins crash at Nancy's high school math teacher's house in Dearborn, Michigan.

Everything's Finei

Nancy visits her parents' graves.

Willing to Listeni

Episode 9: To Moscow, And Quickly

Season 6. Nancy and Andy scramble to find a pediatrician for sick Stevie.

Nancy and Andy wait to see a pediatrician.

Temporary Basisi

Silas and Shane are on a mission to sell hash at a concert.

All You Can Smokei

Episode 8: Gentle Puppies

Season 6. Nancy launches a hashish operation out of a recreational vehicle.

Nancy starts trouble in a small-town bar.

No Smokingi

While Andy, Silas and Doug get pulled over in the RV, Shane tries to convince Nancy to keep driving.

Holding Us Backi

Episode 7: Pinwheels and Whirligigs

Season 6. The Botwins cause a ruckus at a local fair in Montana.

The Botwins discover that an RV is the grand prize at the carnival.

Win This!i

Nancy tries to convince her family to go to a carnival in Montana.

Old Time's Sakei

Episode 6: A Shoe For A Shoe

Season 6. Nancy has a showdown with Cesar at a Skeeball museum.

Silas proposes the hypothetical idea of giving Stevie to Esteban.

War Painti

Episode 5: Boomerang

Season 6. A parking violation forces Nancy and family to flee again.

Andy confronts Nancy about being together.

I Have the Poweri

Silas tells Shane that he wants to attend college.

Blond Sheepi

Episode 4: Bliss

Season 6. Nancy cuts a deal to sell hash; Shane joins a mommy group.

Andy challenges the chef to try one of his dishes.

Could've Eaten Twelvei

Shane walks with the stroller to the benches.

You Can't Choose Your Familyi

Episode 3: A Yippity Sippity

Season 6. The Botwins find work as scab labor at an upscale Seattle hotel.

Nancy buys weed from a stern grower.

You Get What You Pay Fori

Silas accepts an offer he can't refuse from an odd hotel guest.

Call Me Pauli

Episode 2: Felling and Swamping

Season 6. Nancy and her sons debate destinations and settle on Canada.

The Botwins arrive at the Canadian border.

You Missed the Stampedei

The Botwins become the Newmans.

The Newman Familyi

Episode 1: Thwack

Season 6 premiere. Nancy and sons flee in the aftermath of Pilar's murder.

Silas asks Shane how he's feeling after committing his croquette mallet crime.

Do You Feel Different?i

The Botwins get ready to hit the road.

I Don't Like Labelsi
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