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Episode 13: Do Her / Don't Do Her

Season 7 finale. Silas betrays Nancy while Shane attempts to protect her.

Silas admits his wrong doing to Andy.

Deep Breathsi

Doug walks into a problem at Vehement Capital.

Fire Salei

Episode 12: Qualitative Spatial Reasoning

Season 7. Nancy and Silas struggle for control over their drug business.

Shane reports back to Nancy.

Yes Motheri

Silas tries to recruit Andy on his team.

Ambiguous Middle Ground i

Episode 11: Une Mere Que J'aimerias B****r

Season 7. Nancy trails Doug and Andy to the Hamptons for the weekend.

Doug invites Andy to a party in the Hamptons.

The Hamptonsi

Silas argues with Nancy over merging with Pouncy House.


Episode 10: System Overhead

Season 7. The Botwins strike back at Emma; Doug tries to save his business.

Things turn violent when Andy tries to solve everyone's problems.

Aggressive Andyi

Nancy gives Emma a stern talking to.

Motherly Lecturei

Episode 9: Cats! Cats! Cats!

Season 7. Zoya tries to take over the bike shop; Doug has SEC problems.

Shane tries to convince Nancy he's more useful than Silas.

The Wrong Soni

Silas and Emma share their stories about being in the weed trade.

A Family Affairi

Episode 7: Vehement v. Vigorous

Season 7. Nancy sells weed at Doug's hedge fund company softball game.

Silas gets introduced to the world of male model boxing.

Sissy Slappingi

Nancy and Andy watch Doug play in the company softball game.

Spectator Sporti

Episode 6: Object Impermanence

Season 7. Nancy confronts an old friend; Andy comes up with a new venture.

Andy tries to get money to put toward his invention.

Give Me Moneyi

Nancy tries to reconnect with Heylia.

I Missed Youi

Episode 5: Fingers Only Meat Banquet

Season 7. Nancy pursues her custody battle; Doug's back on Wall Street.

Nancy asks Silas to be her character witness in the custody hearing.

Character Witnessi

Nancy's lawyer informs her Jill has set up a custody hearing regarding Stevie.

Custody Hearingi

Episode 4: A Hole In Her Niqab

Season 7. Nancy pursues a job at Doug's office and partnership with Silas.

Nancy tries to convince a lawyer to take her case.

Worthy of Inductioni

Nancy asks Doug for a favor after years of an unbalanced friendship.

An Iron Balli

Episode 3: Game-Played

Season 7. Her sister drops a bombshell on Nancy; Doug gets his dream job.

Nancy and Andy discuss her grenade problem and a new business venture.

Old War Stuffi

The guys discuss finding a place to live and work in New York.

Working Breakfasti

Episode 2: From Trauma Cometh Something

Season 7. Nancy is shocked when Andy and Shane arrive at the halfway house.

Ed explains how prison might have changed Nancy.

Understanding Your Inmatei

Doug tells an old friend about his relaxed lifestyle, but gets a sales pitch to re-enter "the game."

Game Timei

Episode 1: Bags

Season 7 premiere. Nancy receives parole after three years in prison.

Nancy's sister delivers some important news to the Botwin crew.

She's Out?i

Nancy says goodbye to her cellmate after receiving probation.

Steamy Goodbyei