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Episode 13: It's Time (Part Two)

The Botwins (& Doug!) are at a crossroads. Series finale part-two.

Nancy tries to get Andy to come back to her.

I'll Come to Youi

Stevie gives his Bar Mitzvah speech.

One Big Showi

Episode 12: It's Time (Part One)

The Botwins (& Doug!) are at a crossroads. Series finale part-one.

Nancy attends a PTA meeting at Stevie's school.

The Widowi

Doug, Silas, and Shane reconnect.

Guru Dougi

Episode 11: God Willing And The Creek Don't Rise

Nancy (MARY-LOUISE PARKER), Andy and Silas take a trip.

Andy surprises an old fling.

Powerful Deja Vui

Nancy asks Conrad to grow for her.

Make It Growi

Episode 10: Threshold

Nancy (MARY-LOUISE PARKER) meets Rabbi Dave's friends.

Nancy gets ready for her dinner date.


Andy works things out with his new wife.


Episode 9: Saplings

Nancy and Silas are approached with a new job opportunity.

Rabbi Dave tells Andy about his relationship with Nancy.

Way to go Rabbii

A tobacco company tries to hire Silas as a grower.

Tobacco Companyi

Episode 8: Five Miles From Yetzer Hara

Nancy (MARY-LOUISE PARKER) gets promoted and takes on new responsibilities.

Nancy waits to meet with a doctor.

The Speedy Stuffi

Nancy seeks advice from her Rabbi neighbor..

Perfection Subjectivei

Episode 7: Unfreeze

Nancy (MARY-LOUISE PARKER) scores big on the first day of her new job.

Nancy tries to win over a medical office with muffins as she attempts her first sale.

First Salei

Silas criticizes Nancy for dressing unprofessionally.

You Gonna Wear That?i

Episode 6: Allosaurus Crush Castle

Nancy (MARY-LOUISE PARKER) hunts for a real job.

Silas is mistaken as a stripper when trying to get his plants back.

Silas The Stripperi

Andy and Doug find out Jill's pregnant.

Jill's Pregnanti

Episode 5: Red In Tooth And Claw

Nancy faces temptation. Jill uses Doug to get back at Andy.

Nancy asks her partner to buy her out.

Use Many Condomsi

The Rabbi imparts some advice to Nancy.

Changing Personsi

Episode 4: Only Judy Can Judge

Nancy plans a family dinner. Doug makes enemies with a neighbor's dog.

Jill gets jealous when Andy cooks a dinner for Nancy and the family.

Jill's Jealousy i

Doug finds an unexpected turd on his newspaper which starts a war with his neighbor.

Unexpected Turdi

Episode 3: See Blue And Smell Cheese And Die

Andy coaches a roller derby team. Nancy and Silas race to stop Shane.

Nancy and Silas find Tim on the web.


Andy and Scott fight because of the twins.

Sissy Fighti

Episode 2: A Beam Of Sunshine

While Nancy (MARY-LOUISE PARKER) recuperates, Andy and Jill get frisky.

Scott asks for Jill's forgiveness.

Scott's Forgivenessi

Doug and Whit hear a proposal from two of Kiku's girls.


Episode 1: Messy

Season 8 premiere. The identity of the shooter is revealed.

Andy befriends a Rabbi in the hospital cafeteria.


The Botwin's elderly neighbors complain about the loud noises.

Elderly Neighborsi

Behind the Scenes

The cast and crew of Weeds discuss the Botwins returning to suburban life.

Weeds: Back to the Burbsi

The Stoners discuss what they would do if they won the lottery.

The Stoners: The Lotteryi

One of the Stoners invites his girlfriend over to watch Weeds.

The Stoners: The Girlfriend i

The Stoners discuss their favorite types of birds.

The Stoners: The Birdsi

The Stoners celebrate the 100th episode of Weeds.

The Stoners: Weeds 100th Episodei

The Stoners discuss the series finale of Weeds.

The Stoners: Weeds Finalei
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