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The Years Project

Learn more about the team behind the making of this life-changing television event.

The Crossroads of Climate and Faith

Watch Don Cheadle talk to an Evangelical climate scientist about how she reconciles faith and science and how she speaks about climate change with people of faith.

Why I Care: Harrison Ford

Watch Harrison Ford talks about why he got involved in the series.

Why I Care: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger talk his worldwide crusade to make an impact on climate change.

Why I Care: Don Cheadle

Watch Don Cheadle talk about why he cares about climate change.

Why I Care: Thomas Friedman

Watch Thomas Friedman talk about what he's seen while working on this series.

About the Series

This groundbreaking documentary event series explores the human impact of climate change. From the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy to the upheaval caused by drought in the Middle East, YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY combines the blockbuster storytelling styles of top Hollywood movie makers with the reporting expertise of Hollywood's brightest stars and today's most respected journalists.

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Californication: Julia