Showtime Interactive for Windows Media Center has ceased operations.

Purchased videos will continue to play using Windows Media Player or in Media Center’s main menu under the “Pictures + Video” category.

Showtime video downloads are available for purchase from the following providers listed here.



How do I get started downloading videos?

Windows Vista Ultimate and Home Premium users can download videos using Showtime Interactive accessed through the Online Media section of Windows Media Center. Showtime Interactive lets you enjoy your programs using a remote control, perfect for a large PC screen or a TV.

What hardware and software do I need?

Recommended minimum system requirements:

* Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate or Windows Vista Home Premium
* CPU: 1GHz
* Memory: 1 GB
* Hard Disk available space: 10 GB
* Internet Access: An active broadband connection

How do I download Showtime Programs on a Mac?

Mac users can download Showtime programs from iTunes at:


How much does it cost?

It is free to register with and browse the download store.

Am I subscribing to something?

No. You only pay for the videos you purchase.

How can I update my user profile?

You can update your profile and password in the "Edit Profile" section of, available at

What if I forget my password?

Click the "forgot my password" button and you will receive an email with instructions.


Is there a sales tax on purchased videos?

Sales Tax is currently applied to purchases for customers in Colorado and Texas. The tax is calculated during checkout prior to purchase.

How do I redeem coupons?

During checkout, there is an entry box where you may redeem a valid coupon code. Only one coupon can be applied per order.

What is the return policy?

All purchases are final.

Can I download multiple videos at the same time?

If you purchase multiple videos at once, they will download one at a time.

How much time does it take to download a video?

Download times vary depending on the speed of your internet connection and the size of the video file. The video quality is very high, so it may take some time to download and validate video files. You can monitor the status of the download in the Download Manager tab of the Showtime Player application on your PC.

What do I do if the download is interrupted?

You are able to monitor the status of the download on the Download Manager tab in the Showtime Player. If you temporarily lose your internet connection, the system will automatically resume downloading when your connection is restored.

If the download does not resume within 5 minutes, please restart your computer and launch the Showtime Player.

Do video downloads continue if I log off of or exit the Showtime Player?

Yes, videos continue downloading in the background even if you close the Showtime Player. If you turn off your computer, the download stops, however, the download resumes when you restart the computer.

Can I use other applications while videos are downloading?

Yes, videos download in the background, and you can continue using your PC for other applications.


What is the format of the downloaded videos?

Purchased videos are in Windows Media format. They have a variable bit rate of approximately 1,200 Kbps. Widescreen videos are 720 x 392 pixels, and standard videos are 640 x 480 pixels.

How do I watch a downloaded video?

Purchased videos can be played back using the Showtime Player, Windows Media Player, or directly accessing them on your hard drive.

In the Showtime Player, your videos are automatically listed in the Library tab. Highlight a video from the list and press the 'PLAY' button at the bottom.

Videos are also automatically listed in the library tab in Window Media Player.

If you are using Windows Vista with Windows Media Center, video files are listed in Showtime Interactive's Library section, and are also accessible by selecting the Pictures + Video section on the main menu of Windows Media Center.

Where are my downloaded videos stored on my computer?

Your videos are stored in the directory that is listed in the Settings tab of the Showtime Player. We highly recommend not changing the default setting.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to watch videos?

If you use the Showtime Player application, videos can be played back without connecting to the internet.

However, an internet connection is required if you want to watch videos using the Showtime Interactive application for Windows Vista with Media Center.

Can I back up videos?

You are encouraged to backup your videos onto a CD, DVD, or external hard drive. Backup should be used for storage purposes only. Videos copied to a DVD are not playable in a regular DVD player.

Can I burn the downloaded videos to a DVD?

You can burn the video files to DVDs for backup and storage purposes only; they will not play back on a DVD player or any other device.

Can I play the video file on multiple devices?

The playback of videos is currently only supported for the original computer used to download the video. Showtime is actively working to provide additional functionality.

Can I use my videos on portable devices?

Portable devices are not currently supported. Showtime is actively working to provide additional functionality.

Can I transfer the video file to an iPod?

The video format used in the Showtime Download Store is not supported by the iPod, however, iPods can play Showtime videos downloaded from iTunes which are available at:


I received a message saying "There was a problem acquiring the license for a video you are attempting to play." What should I do?

You are attempting to play a Showtime video file that has been encrypted using Microsoft's DRM licensing technology. If this is your first time attempting to play this video, there may have been an interruption during license delivery. Or, if you have been able to play this video in the past but subsequent attempts fail, then it is possible your unique computer security descriptor may have changed.

Please contact Showtime customer support to have this license resent to your computer.

How do I get in touch with Customer Support?

You may reach customer support via email (, or via phone at 1 (800) 915-9891.

How do I uninstall the software?

In order to fully uninstall all software, click your PC's Start button and select "Control Panel." From your PC's Control Panel, choose "Add or Remove Programs". Choose the Showtime Video Player application and click the Remove button.

Why can't I access the service outside the United States?

The Showtime Video Download Store is limited to the USA.