The Boondock Saints

Fed up with crime overrunning the streets of Boston, Irish Catholic twin brothers, who are inspired by their faith, decide to cleanse their hometown of evil with their own brand of vigilante justice.

Erin Brockovich

In her Oscar(R)-winning role, Julia Roberts stars as a woman with no money, no job and no prospects who convinces a lawyer to hire her at his firm where she fights injustice by investigating a cover-up involving contaminated water.

American Wedding

Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan star in this sequel to the classic American Pie comedies - as a couple of high-school sweethearts who need to get married in a hurry, before the groom's grandmother kicks the bucket.

Wonder Boys

During the holidays, an English professor grapples with writer's block, his pregnant mistress, a stolen car, his gay editor and a talented but troubled student in this comedy-drama based on the acclaimed novel.

Good Morning, Vietnam

Robin Williams stars as an unorthodox DJ assigned to the US Armed Services Radio station in Vietnam, but although he can keep the troops laughing, he can't keep out of trouble.