Beyond the Sea

Kevin Spacey directs, stars in this lavish biography of music legend Bobby Darin, whose life and career is followed from the childhood illness that weakened his heart to the heights of fame as a crooner and movie star.


An offbeat road-trip comedy about a series of interconnected strangers who all travel to a national karaoke competition in Omaha for a hilarious sing-off.

Blue Crush

An adrenaline fueled surf film starring Kate Bosworth as a former surfing great still reeling from a horrifying injury but at the prodding of her friends, she signs up for a pro surfing competition that could change her life.

The Royal Tenenbaums

Directed by Wes Anderson, this offbeat comedy is the story of an extraordinary family's sudden and unexpected reunion, as the three former genius children and their mother and father try to reconcile after decades of betrayal, failure and disaster.