Akeelah and the Bee

Watch Keke Palmer, Laurence Fishburne, and Angela Bassett star in this critically acclaimed drama about an inner city schoolgirl who discovers a surprising aptitude for spelling.

Hotel Rwanda

Watch Don Cheadle star in this Oscar-nominated drama about a hotel manager who risked his life to save over a thousand refugees during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

Failure to Launch

When a 35-year-old bachelor won't move out of his parents' house, they hire a sexy "professional interventionist" to coax him into adulthood in this romantic comedy starring Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker.


Ethan Hawke stars as a true-crime writer finds a cache of 8mm home movie films that suggest the murder he is currently researching is the work of a serial killer.


Don't miss Kirsten Dunst in this film about two teenagers from the opposite side of the tracks falling for each other.

The Importance Of Being Earnest

Reese Witherspoon, Colin Firth, and Rupert Everett star in Oscar Wilde's classic comedy of manners.