Black Monday Cast

Mo Monroe

Played by Don Cheadle

Maurice "Mo" Monroe is the self-educated, self-made, self-destructive founder of the Jammer Group, a small Wall Street trading firm made up of all the underdogs that couldn't get hired by the blue blood firms of the 1980s. Dubbed by their fellow Wallstreeters as "the L.A. Raiders of corporate raiders" due to their wild reputation, Mo is determined to lead his band of merry outlaws to the top, or crash the market trying.

Blair Pfaff

Played by Andrew Rannells

Blair is a fresh-out-of-Wharton trading prodigy with his choice of any top firm on the street... until a fateful (literal) run-in leaves him with no choice but to work at what he disgustingly calls "Mo's little chop shop." Blair's pure heart will struggle to survive The Jammer Group, from both a metaphoric and a cocaine standpoint. But despite his corn-fed naiveté, Blair is the only one with the balls to stand up to Mo. 

Dawn Towner

Played by Regina Hall

Dawn is Mo's right hand (wo)man and the only female head trader on Wall Street, not to mention one of the few female traders period at the time. Dawn is highly educated and highly determined to ride the second wave of feminism through this toxic sea of horny man-children, crashing the glass ceiling—and possibly the market and her marriage—in the process.

Keith Shankar

Played by Paul Scheer

Keith is a goddamned mess, but a hell of a trader. No one enjoys theunbridled excesses of the ‘80s quite like Keith Shankar. He works hard and parties hard, usually at the same time. But beneath it all, he really just wants love. And drugs and money and sex.

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