Californication Cast

Hank Moody

Played by David Duchovny

Life has been a rocky road of ups and downs for famed novelist and NYC transplant Hank Moody since he relocated to Los Angeles. He suffered through a crappy Hollywood adaptation of his prized tome, a single, tumultuous term as college professor, a felony conviction, and a near death experience at the hands of a psychopathic ex. Despite an intervention and a stint in rehab, Hank owns all his vices -- drink, drugs, and women -- with a refreshing sense of honesty and unapologetic candor. He's holding it together while falling apart, and he doesn't mind one bit.

Karen van der Beek

Played by Natascha McElhone

Karen is Hank's long time, on-again/off-again girlfriend and the mother of his daughter. The talented architect has come close to cutting her ties with Hank for good more than once, but the irresistible chemistry she shares with him keeps bringing her back for more.

Marcy Runkle

Played by Pamela Adlon

Marcy Runkle is a woman who never minces words. She's the brash, hardcore, unapologetic on-again/off-again/on-again wife of Hank's agent/best friend, Charlie and the mother of his child. But the couple is having some issues in the bedroom, and her ex Stu is still pining for her, all of which could jeopardize her newly reformed bond with Charlie.

Becca Moody

Played by Madeleine Martin

The women may come and go, but Hank's heart truly belongs to his daughter. Hank and Karen's quick-witted offspring has seen it all -- watching her parents' complicated relationship, as well as her father's roller-coaster lifestyle. Now that she's off travelling the world and getting life experience, Hank and Karen must deal with being empty nesters for the first time.

Charlie Runkle

Played by Evan Handler

Hank's best friend and agent tries hard to find happiness in the shadow of Mr. Moody, but life is never easy with such a difficult client. His personal life is just as messy. He recently won back his estranged wife Marcy after she left him for a fabulously rich and well-endowed movie producer, but the question remains whether he'll be able to deliver the goods and keep her satisfied.

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