S3:E4 Zoso

Original Air Date: Oct 18, 2009

Hank objects to Becca's new, more adult fashion sense, and drags Charlie to a strip club in an effort to discover the secret life of a talented student; Charlie and Marcy's house sale goes awry for an unexpected reason.


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Sneak Peek: Sell the Place

S3:E4 Preview Scene (:54)

Sneak Peek: Sell the Place

Sneak Peek: Killing Me Softly

S3:E4 Preview Scene (1:15)

Sneak Peek: Killing Me Softly
Music from this episode
Rock Your Body
3L Flex
Rock Star
Pussy Liquor
Rob Zombie
Cha Cha (Be My New Boyfriend) Rock Remix
Spider Problem
You're The One That I Want
Danielle Duval
Can't Find My Way Home
Stuffy Shmitt
Luther Russell

7 Seasons, 84 Episodes

  • Season 7

    One of Hank's beautiful exes turns up with a big surprise that rocks his world, but ultimately his heart remains with Karen; Charlie and Marcy have financial woes, until Stu steps in with an offer that might be too good to refuse.

    Season 7
  • Season 6

    Hank collaborates on a musical with a rock star while taking up with his beautiful muse; Charlie and Stu compete for Marcy; Marcy falls under the spell of a radical feminist; Becca drops out of college to become a writer.

    Season 6
  • Season 5

    Hank writes the screenplay for a violent rap star and gets into hot water with his beautiful but dangerous girlfriend; Charlie dates his son's nanny; Karen's marriage deteriorates due to Bates' drinking.

    Season 5
  • Season 4

    Hank's literary sex scandal has caused a sensation, even as he prepares to defend himself in court and tries to get Karen and Becca to speak to him, and a movie based on his stolen book begins production.

    Season 4
  • Season 3

    Hank becomes a college writing professor and immediately gets romantically involved with a student, a fellow teacher and the dean's wife; Karen takes a job back in New York, leaving Becca with Hank; Charlie is seduced by his new boss.

    Season 3
  • Season 2

    Hank ghost writes the memoirs of a rock and roll legend while trying to reconcile with Karen; Becca's heart is broken by her first love; Charlie tries to enter the porn industry; Marcy goes to rehab for an addiction.

    Season 2
  • Season 1

    Hank is shocked that Karen is engaged and ponders his career trajectory from respected novelist to screenwriter to blogger; Charlie's fling with an assistant has dire marital consequences; a sexy teen steals something from Hank.

    Season 1

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