City on a Hill Cast

Jackie Rohr

Played by Kevin Bacon

A veteran FBI agent who is willing to bend the rules to get results. He forms an unlikely partnership with Assistant District Attorney Decourcy Ward in an effort to clean up corruption in Boston.

Decourcy Ward

Played by Aldis Hodge

An Assistant District Attorney from Brooklyn who comes to Boston as part of the St. Clair Commission, which recommended mass reform of the Boston Police Department. His strong moral compass serves as a foil to Jackie’s ethically questionable tactics.

Jenny Rohr

Played by Jill Hennessy

The thick-skinned wife of Jackie Rohr who, on top of keeping a dysfunctional family together, pursues her own agenda. 

Chris Caysen

Played by Matthew De Negro

Jimmy Ryan

Played by Mark O'Brien

Frankie’s troubled younger brother who faces addiction and psychiatric problems, making him unpredictable. He convinces Frankie to let him join his gang of robbers, against Frankie’s better judgement. 

Siobhan Quays

Played by Lauren E. Banks

An ambitious private attorney who is married to Decourcy, the principled ADA. In many ways, Decourcy and Siobhan’s ambitions are two sides of the same coin, with Siobhan’s career contrasting Decourcy’s choice to be a public servant.

Cathy Ryan

Played by Amanda Clayton

Frankie’s wife and partner-in-crime. She’s responsible for handling the money earned from Frankie’s robberies while maintaining their appearance as a typical blue collar family.

Frankie Ryan

Played by Jonathan Tucker

A working-class father, husband, and leader of a gang of Charlestown robbers. In addition to being a devoted father, he’s also charged with looking after his troubled younger brother, Jimmy.

Hank Signa

Played by Jere Shea

A Massachusetts State Police Detective assigned to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office. Easygoing and friendly, Signa tries (generally unsuccessfully) to keep Decourcy from ruffling too many feathers along the way.

J.R. Minogue

Played by Kevin Chapman

A hard-boiled Boston cop who is just trying to get his job done, but who often ends up as a pawn in a corrupt legal system of different factions trying to forward their own agendas. He doesn’t mean to piss people off, he’s just not smart enough not to.

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