S1:E8 Revolt

Original Air Date: Mar 10, 2016

The Internet is changing everything: providing voice to the voiceless, undercutting power - yet also creating new means of control as forces push back against authority. In this episode meet an abuse victim and activist who uses technology to document and report police abuse; the heir to a rabbinic dynasty who's turned away from Brooklyn's Hasidim after finding a world he never knew existed online; and an entrepreneur whose 3-D printing technology enables building untraceable, undetectable guns from the comfort of your own home. Season finale.


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Sneak Peek: Cop Watchers

S1:E8 Preview Scene (1:48)

Sneak Peek: Cop Watchers

2 Seasons, 16 Episodes

  • Season 2

    Season two documents the vast extent to which our collected information and data is building an interconnected global net that has perhaps rendered us the last generation of privacy.

    Season 2
  • Season 1

    Dark Net is a documentary series that explores the impact of technology on love, sex, power, children, our memories, our senses, our identities, and even our physical selves.

    Season 1

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