Season 1

Sean and Beverly Lincoln are appalled when their highbrow, award-winning British comedy about a boarding school headmaster is developed into a goofy American sitcom called "Pucks!" starring Matt LeBlanc; Matt drives a further wedge between them by making an enemy of Beverly and encouraging Sean's crush on a pretty actress named Morning.
Episode 1
Episode 1: Episode 1

Original Air Date: Jan 9, 2011

In the Season 1 premiere, Sean and Beverly are shocked when they arrive in California to discover that their erudite, stage veteran star has been replaced by the network with Matt LeBlanc.

Episode 2
Episode 2: Episode 2

Original Air Date: Jan 16, 2011

Sean and Beverly attend a swanky dinner party at Merc's house where Sean falls prey to Matt's flattery and attention, while Beverly resists the star's charms and discovers that having Matt LeBlanc as an enemy is a bad idea.

Episode 3
Episode 3: Episode 3

Original Air Date: Jan 23, 2011

Sean and Matt spend a day bonding together with a trip to Las Vegas, leaving Beverly feeling left out of her husband's new "bromance" and leading to a revealing confrontation between her and the star.

Episode 4
Episode 4: Episode 4

Original Air Date: Jan 30, 2011

Forced to rescue a drunken Matt from a seedy dive bar so that he won't drive drunk, Sean and Beverly take him to his ex-wife's house, where he visits his children, confronts the mess he's made of his life, and finds Beverly's attitude toward him softening.

Episode 5
Episode 5: Episode 5

Original Air Date: Feb 6, 2011

Matt invites both Sean and Morning, an actress with whom Sean has long been infatuated, to a charity event where Sean discovers the attraction is mutual; Beverly and Carol share a joint and commiserate about the men in their lives.

Episode 6
Episode 6: Episode 6

Original Air Date: Feb 13, 2011

Convinced that her husband's relationship with Morning is less than platonic, Beverly packs her bags and leaves the house, but gets into a car crash that has unexpected consequences for her marriage.

Episode 7
Episode 7: Episode 7

Original Air Date: Feb 20, 2011

In the Season 1 finale, deeply regretting an impulsive tryst, Beverly returns home to Sean as they wrap production of their series and prepare to return to London, but a final farewell between Sean and Matt takes a series of complicated and unexpected turns.


5 Seasons, 41 Episodes

  • Season 5

    Nobody said making it big in showbiz would be easy, but the unlikely trio of Matt, Sean and Beverly has stuck it out together to the bitter end, proving that while success may be fleeting, friends really are forever.

    Season 5
  • Season 4

    Sean and Beverly are forced to return from England to keep running the moribund Pucks because of the head of the network's personal vendetta; Matt loses a fortune and is forced to scrounge for work.

    Season 4
  • Season 3

    With his ailing show facing cancellation and his star fading fast, Matt is desperately looking for a way to renew his fortune. But is Hollywood tired of his act?

    Season 3
  • Season 2

    Their marriage in tatters, Sean sleeps with a cast member and Bev dates Morning's brother; Carol continues to see Merc; Matt has an affair with Merc's wife, Jamie; everyone deals with Pucks' poor ratings in their own unique ways.

    Season 2
  • Season 1

    Sean and Beverly Lincoln's marriage hits an extended rough patch thanks to the stress of their show becoming a dumbed-down sitcom and the narcissistic misadventures of their star Matt LeBlanc.

    Season 1

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