Ghosts of Beirut Cast

Lena Asayran

Played by Dina Shihabi

Dina Shihabi will play Lebsanese-American CIA targeter, Lena Asayran, who is obsessed with finding Mughniyeh.

Imad Mughniyeh

Played by Amir Khour

Amir Khoury will play the 1982 Imad Mughniyeh, a charismatic and confident young man from a poor, disposed neighborhood in Beirut who organizes brutal attacks against Israel and the United States.

Imad Mughniyeh

Played by Hisham Suleiman

Hisham Suleiman will play Imad Mughniyeh 20 years later in 2007. Imad is at the height of his power, an elusive terrorist, military strategist, drug lord, regional power broker, and master of espionage.

Robert Ames

Played by Dermot Mulroney

Dermot Mulroney will play legendary CIA operative, Robert Ames, who is on the cusp of success of brokering a peace deal that will end the civil war in Lebanon and increase American influence across the Middle East.

William Buckley

Played by Garret Dillahunt

Garret Dillahunt will play CIA Station Chief William Buckley who works to develop new sources and track down hidden adversaries but is kidnapped and tortured by Mughniyeh.

Chet Riley

Played by Rafi Gavron

Rafi Gavron will play Chet Riley, a young, idealistic CIA case officer on Buckley’s team. Chet is the first CIA officer to identify Imad Mughniyeh as the likely culprit responsible for attacks on American interests in Lebanon, and yet struggles to get Washington to pay attention.


Played by Iddo Goldberg

Iddo Goldberg (Snowpiercer) will play Teddy, a career Mossad officer haunted by his past encounters with Imad Mughniyeh, who is reluctantly drawn into a mission he cannot resist.


Played by Zineb Triki

Zineb Triki (The Bureau) plays Wafa, an independent businesswoman in Damascus who offers Imad a new life, and absolution from his past.

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