Guerrilla Cast

Jas Mitra

Played by Freida Pinto

A fiery, smart woman of Indian birth, Jas lives in London with her boyfriend Marcus and works as a nurse in a local hospital. She is the daughter of strong-willed immigrants and identifies closely with her father; a political activist serving a life sentence in prison. Jas believes in action over words and bristles over the slow pace of the movement, as well as her perceived second-class role in it because she's a woman. At the same time, she also butts heads with her ex, Kent, over his more intellectual approach to the fight for equality.

Marcus Hill

Played by Babou Ceesay

Mild mannered and bookish, Marcus is an unlikely revolutionary. But as a black British citizen with Nigerian parents, he knows firsthand how limited his options are in this discriminatory society. His anger is palpable and he uses his power with words to get people to rise up and protest. When Marcus struggles to keep their movement peaceful and non-violent, he has trouble coping with the added strain put on his relationship with Jas.


Played by Idris Elba

Kent is Jas’s ex-boyfriend and an intelligent and well-connected leader in the black community. Kent finds himself the reluctant spokesperson for a non-violent approach to change, a position that begins to fly in the face of Jas’s movement. This is all made more complicated by the affection he still has for her.

Chief Inspector Pence

Played by Rory Kinnear

This hard-boiled cop is ruthless in his quest to stop the black power movement in its tracks and his tactics are heavy-handed and seemingly have no bounds.  Underneath however, Pence is a Rhodesian immigrant with family troubles, including a secret relationship that’s beginning to make his work and home life more challenging. 

Dhari Bishop

Played by Nathaniel Martello-White

The mouthpiece of the budding movement, Dhari is a convict who is languishing in prison for a petty crime. When Jas and Marcus orchestrate his escape the movement blossoms, but Dhari has different ideas from them on the movement's way forward.

Inspector Cullen

Played by Daniel Mays

Chief Inspector Pence's right hand man is a great cop and loyal to a point. But he is more of a humanist than his boss, and he clashes with Pence over the best way to reign in the movement without further fanning its flames. 


Played by Denise Gough

Fallon and her boyfriend are good friends of Marcus and Jas, and very much involved with the movement initially. But when tragedy strikes at what was intended to be a peaceful rally, Fallon is unwillingly pulled into the middle of a brutal investigation, and her Irish heritage is not in her favor.


Played by Brandon Scott

A scrappy American friend of Dhari's, Leroy reluctantly takes in Jas, Marcus and Dhari when things get rough for them. But he has a short fuse, and his patience quickly wears thin as the movement sputters and the police begin closing in.


Played by Zawe Ashton

Omega is a strong, respected leader in the black community, but doesn’t believe her opinions will be taken seriously by the white establishment. She enlists Kent to represent the moderate, considered side of the movement to the press, and does her best to keep him in line.


Played by Wunmi Mosaku

A soft spoken single mother of modest means, Kenya moonlights as sex worker for a small but committed clientele. She is forced to recruit black snitches for Chief Inspector Pence, but her relationship with Pence is deeper and more complicated than simply cop and informant.

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