House of Lies Cast

Marty Kaan

Played by Don Cheadle

An extraordinary but unscrupulous management consultant, Marty is gifted at identifying, and exploiting, the weaknesses of clients to get them to sign on the dotted line. From textbook psychology mind-tricks to the fine art of bullshitting, Marty is a master at shilling undecipherable biz-school jargon and flattering corporate honchos. He is offensive, egotistical, narcissistic, womanizing, crafty, ruthless and very "un-PC," all of which make him very good at his job. But despite his brash and ruthless demeanor, he's a (reasonably) dedicated family man, and deep down inside you may suspect he actually has a heart.

Jeannie Van Der Hooven

Played by Kristen Bell

A bright and powerful consultant, Jeannie is talented, crafty, flirtatious and a little mysterious. She aspires to the high-end corporate life but she's not above doing shots off a stripper and getting down and dirty with a different guy in every city she visits. All of this makes her a disaster at creating a personal life, and she is thus unwisely drawn to the man she spends the most time with.

Doug Guggenheim

Played by Josh Lawson

A brilliant, Harvard-educated member of Marty's staff, Doug is a quintessential math geek with mad analytical skills and a big ego surrounding them. He's been the proverbial whipping boy in his pod and the butt of many jokes, primarily for his hopelessly inept stabs at a love life.

Clyde Oberholt

Played by Ben Schwartz

A young, ambitious consultant and a major suck-up, Clyde is the perennial court jester of his team, always playing practical jokes and trying to get dirt on his co-workers. He pulls his weight at work, for sure, but he's completely preoccupied with bagging as many women as he can.

Roscoe Kaan

Played by Donis Leonard Jr.

Marty and Monica's son Roscoe is as bold and brash as his father, except instead of consulting, his thing is cross dressing. Roscoe is very sure of who he is, and he knows how to work a blinged out tee and designer handbag better than anybody, classmates and teachers be damned.

Monica Talbot

Played by Dawn Olivieri

Jeremiah Kaan

Played by Glynn Turman

Marty's father Jeremiah is an esteemed, and opinionated, psychoanalyst. He is not afraid to share his professional and personal opinions about Roscoe, or anything else for that matter.

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