I Love That For You Cast


Played by Vanessa Bayer

Awkward and lovable, Joanna overcame childhood cancer and dreams of becoming a host at a home shopping channel. She wants it all: romance, meaningful friendships, and a glamorous career.


Played by Molly Shannon

Jackie is the charismatic star of SVN, the home shopping network. She’s been the queen of SVN for decades but that doesn’t mean she’s not striving for more.


Played by Jenifer Lewis

Patricia is the icy, enigmatic founder and CEO of the popular home shopping network SVN. She rules her dominion with a constant eye on the numbers and a gift for the business of personality.


Played by Paul James

Jordan is a charming but dry stage manager at SVN. His neurotic attention to detail leaves no stone left unturned and no host uncared for.

Beth Ann

Played by Ayden Mayeri

Beth Ann is an ambitious, insecure host on the home shopping network SVN. Balancing family, career and fashion, this momfluencer who won’t let anyone usurp her rise to the top. 


Played by Matt Rogers

Darcy is the ingratiating right-hand man to Patricia. He’s constantly by his boss’s side while being intensely attuned to everything going on at the network. 


Played by Punam Patel

Beena is an offbeat backstage producer at SVN. A devoted dog mom, she brings an awkward intensity to her job and her work relationships.

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