S1:E1 Green Means Go

Original Air Date: Sep 9, 2018

Jeff Pickles decides it’s time to talk about death on Mr. Pickles’ Puppet Time. His executive producer, Seb, feels that Mr. Pickles the persona and Jeff Pickles the person need to remain separate. Deirdre punishes her daughter Maddy for not eating her veggies. Series premiere.

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Sneak Peek: Have You Ever Had To Move?

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Sneak Peek: Have You Ever Had To Move?

"On-camera, Mr. Pickles is tender, wise and sweetly demented. In the pilot’s opening minutes, he sits on Conan O’Brien’s couch and strums a song about emotions — 'You can feel anything at all' — on 'Uku-Larry,' an anthropomorphic puppet-instrument. As the audience joins in, the weirdness and warmth is so well-realized you could believe that you too grew up watching his show."

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"The Jill/Mr. Pickles interaction provides an interesting counterbalance to his earlier scene with Sebastian. Sebastian doesn’t want Mr. Pickles to do a show about grief; he insists that Jeff should deal with his own feelings off-air. Jill also presses Mr. Pickles to deal with his own grief, partly so he stops bothering her all the time. Neither Papa Pickles nor Jill Pickles recognizes that Mr. Pickles may be completely unable to deal with his feelings outside of his TV show."

Music from this episode
Murray Head & the Trinidad Singers

2 Seasons, 20 Episodes

  • Season 2

    With his beloved TV show off the air for the first time in 30 years, Jeff Pickles must find a way to communicate with his many fans who still need him. Jeff creates a new and controversial method to talk directly to children across the world.

    Season 2
  • Season 1

    Jeff begins to push back against the limits of the well-oiled machine that is Mr. Pickles’ Puppet Time. Seb begins preparing the show for a life after Jeff. Deirdre grapples with her own personal and professional life issues.

    Season 1

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