On Becoming a God Cast

Krystal Stubbs

Played by Kirsten Dunst

This minimum-wage water park employee and child of poverty thought she was securing her future when she married a handsome insurance salesman. That is until he loses all their money in a pyramid scheme called FAM. But Krystal isn't one to give up that easily, and she uses all of the considerable charm, wits and gumption she has to take on FAM, get back on her feet and realize the American dream.


Played by Theodore Pellerin

FAM’s most dedicated member (if not it’s most successful), Cody is desperate to prove himself. Young, naïve and hopelessly gullible, Cody has nonetheless made a name for himself within FAM. But when Krystal begins taking an interest in FAM, his need for her acceptance trumps everything else.


Played by Mel Rodriguez

Krystal’s boss at the water park is also her close friend and neighbor. Ernie is a sweet man, a devoted husband and father, and plagued with crippling self-doubt. In other words, an ideal FAM target.


Played by Beth Ditto

Ernie’s devoted wife Bets is also a dear friend to Krystal, and is happy to help Krystal out when she needs it. But she remains skeptical of FAM and the influence it has on those around her.

Obie Garbeau II

Played by Ted Levine

The wealthy founder and head of FAM has an aura of mystery and a deep, magnetic voice that he uses to great effect on the tapes he records to motivate recruits. He has cultivated a message of self-empowerment and a realization of the American dream that is like catnip to his legions of followers, but he is ultimately crooked, dishonest and downright mean.

Travis Stubbs

Played by Alexander Skarsgård

Krystal’s husband Travis is a loving partner and father with a good (but boring) desk job. His only downside in his wife’s eyes is his fervent devotion to FAM and rising up in the organization’s ranks, even as it costs him everything he has. When he meets with tragedy, Krystal goes on a crusade to save her family.

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