S1:E1 The Stinker Thinker

Original Air Date: Aug 25, 2019

Krystal Stubbs doubles down on her husband's dreams while he wrestles with leaving his J-O-B. Cody loses a friend, but meets his hero. Series premiere

Sneak Peek: On Becoming a God: Series Premiere Preview

S1:E1 Preview Scene (1:03)

Sneak Peek: On Becoming a God: Series Premiere Preview

"Dunst can harness so many tones and emotions, often at the same time, and as Krystal, she’s both funny and a little terrifying, both magnetic and abrasive. Dunst has a full-bodied approach the role, carrying Krystal’s exhaustion in the way she moves. And while Dunst stands out, On Becoming A God is supplemented with strong performances from the rest."

Music from this episode
Storms in Africa
Neutron Dance
The Pointer Sisters
Paradise Isle
Bill & Jean Bradway
Tarzan Boy
Heart And Soul
Self Control
Laura Branigan

1 Season, 10 Episodes

  • Season 1

    When a cultish pyramid scheme drives her family to ruin, Krystal Stubbs takes destiny into her own hands. In order to make a better life for herself, this minimum-wage water park employee dives head first into the scheme, determined to come out on top.

    Season 1

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