S1:E2 Disaster Response

Original Air Date: Feb 11, 2018

Our Cartoon President avoids comforting disaster victims by recruiting a team of impersonators to replace him, while his cartoon son Eric sets out to prove he's truly a part of the Trump family.


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Sneak Peek: Alright You Beautiful Presidents

S1:E2 Preview Scene (:52)

Sneak Peek: Alright You Beautiful Presidents

Sneak Peek: Let's Talk About Pangea

S1:E2 Preview Scene (1:02)

Sneak Peek: Let's Talk About Pangea

3 Seasons, 46 Episodes

  • Season 3

    Democratic nominee Cartoon Joe Biden - with help from veep-mate Cartoon Kamala Harris – tries to overcome his frequent gaffes and unseat Cartoon President Donald Trump, who’s desperate to win re-election despite mishandling the Corona crisis.

    Season 3
  • Season 2

    President Trump tries to convince the American people that he's the greatest, least criminal president in history as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer attempt to win back the Democratic base from newcomer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

    Season 2
  • Season 1

    Go behind the scenes of the White House and into the tremendous life of Donald J. Trump – loving family man, billionaire businessman and CEO of the U.S.A. This is 45 as you’ve never seen him before – intimate, unguarded and animated.

    Season 1

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