Season 1

Get ready for a fresh take on a very old subject. Sex blogger, pleasure advocate and cyber celebrity Sunny Megatron takes us on a journey into the surprising, underground world of adult play. Through honest conversation and compelling personal stories, everyday people expose their deepest, most intimate fantasies, and nothing is taboo. Frank, funny and always sex-positive, Sunny Megatron just might be the perfect cure for your bedroom blues.
Episode 1: #Recharge

Original Air Date: Oct 30, 2014

A couple asks for help in putting the spark back in their relationship and Sunny comes up with a novel idea that involves making a sex tape. Sunny and her group of friends and experts tell us how they recharge their relationships by way of an electrifying machine that puts the spark back into the bedroom. Plus, can food boost your sex hormones? Sunny finds out. And a group of people who get together, dress up as clowns and have silly, fun sex to recharge their sex lives. Series premiere.

Episode 2: #Orgasm

Original Air Date: Nov 6, 2014

Sunny visits a group of people in San Francisco dedicated to teaching spiritual connection over clitoral massage and orgasm. With a panel of experts and friends she explores orgasm and the topic of the female G spot. Plus, machines developed for sexual gratification are demonstrated and Sunny visits a lab to find out what makes up female ejaculate. And a couple that practice 'dollification' show Sunny what it's all about.

#Pushing Boundaries
Episode 3: #Pushing Boundaries

Original Air Date: Nov 13, 2014

Sunny introduces us to a transgender woman who has recently undergone sex reassignment surgery - and has her first sexual encounter with a man. A panel of Sunny's friends and experts talk about trans acceptance and pushing boundaries. Plus, a man describes how it feels to have large insects crawling on his naked body; a curious couple finds out from an expert how the future in their bedroom is 'behind' them. And are large breasts less sensitive than small breasts? Sunny brings in a bevy of beauties and tests them.

Episode 4: #BDSM

Original Air Date: Nov 20, 2014

Sunny explains the acronym BDSM and meets a couple who'd like to go a little further and try something called suspension wrap. Then Sunny demonstrates everyday household objects and utensils can be used in kinky ways - as well as some unusual skin sensory toys. A panel of experts and friends talk with Sunny about introducing elements of BDSM into vanilla sex. Plus, Sunny attends a fitness class where a group of men and women are put through some kinky paces - and the winner gets punished!

#The More the Merrier
Episode 5: #The More the Merrier

Original Air Date: Nov 27, 2014

Sunny introduces the idea of adding more to your sexy time. In one story, a large crowd cheers on a couple that try out some moves during sexy wrestling. And can you really use sex to help burn off calories? Sunny conducts her own experiment to test the theory. Plus, a couple that enjoys having sex online invite two other couples and some single people to an online orgy. Sunny connects with them to find out what this is all about.

Episode 6: #Taboos

Original Air Date: Dec 4, 2014

A couple demonstrates to Sunny how race - and interracial relationships - can be considered taboo. Next, Sunny finds out how temperature affects peoples' mood for sex. An artist applies liquid latex to a couple who describe it as having a second skin. Sunny asks her panel of friends and experts about their taboos. Plus, golden showers is a taboo never to be talked about, right? Sunny not only talks about it, she takes us to a party dedicated to it.

#Role Play
Episode 7: #Role Play

Original Air Date: Dec 11, 2014

Sunny takes us into the world of role play. What if a costume for role play is just rope? Sunny shows us the ancient art of Japanese rope bondage. A panel of Sunny's friends and experts discuss role play in sexual encounters. Plus, are women aroused by pornography? Sunny conducts an experiment to find out. Lastly, a couple is encouraged to dress up as puppies and, under the supervision of their masters, play and cavort with other puppies. We find out what the attraction is.

Episode 8: #Fantasy

Original Air Date: Dec 18, 2014

Sunny meets a couple who enjoy dogging, which involves sex in the great outdoors. Bewildered by all the vibrating sex toys on the market? Sunny takes some of the confusion out of what to buy. Plus, a panel of friends and experts talk to Sunny about fantasies. Does your fantasy involve food? Sunny talks to a couple who enjoy sploshing. Finally, Sunny gets to the bottom of a nagging question: does sperm make a good facial treatment? Season finale.


1 Season, 8 Episodes

  • Season 1

    Get ready for a fresh take on a very old subject. Sex blogger and pleasure advocate Sunny Megatron takes us on a journey into the surprising, underground world of adult play. She just might be the perfect cure for your bedroom blues.

    Season 1

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