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Episode 12: The Getaway

Season 4 finale. Dexter and Arthur are on an unavoidable collision course.

Episode 11: Hello, Dexter Morgan

Season 4. Dexter protects himself as the department closes in on Arthur.

Episode 10: Lost Boys

Season 4. Dexter questions his ideas about Arthur when a boy disappears.

Episode 9: Hungry Man

Season 4. Dexter learns more about Arthur during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Episode 8: Road Kill

Season 4. Dexter accompanies Trinity on an out-of-town road trip.

Episode 7: Slack Tide

Season 4. Dexter is dismayed by Debra's interest in their father's past.

Episode 6: If I Had A Hammer

Season 4. Dexter gets relationship advice from a most unexpected source.

Episode 5: Dirty Harry

Season 4. Dexter is inspired to investigate the Trinity Killer on his own.

Episode 4: Dex Takes A Holiday

Season 4. With his family out of town, Dexter stalks a murderous cop.

Episode 3: Blinded By The Light

Season 4. Dexter is hampered by increased vigilance in his neighborhood.

Episode 2: Remains To Be Seen

Season 4. Dexter misplaces evidence that could expose him to the world.

Episode 1: Living The Dream

Season 4 premiere. Dexter attempts to balance family, job and his impulses.


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