S1:E2 Judgement

Original Air Date: Feb 24, 2023

Examining the crime spree and trial from Caril’s perspective and how she thought her parents were still alive when Charles took her away. A look at her difficult upbringing and PTSD that contributed to her compliance during the spree. We learn about Charles’ mental illness and derangement, how poorly Caril was treated by law enforcement and the criminal justice system and how she was doomed from the start at her trial.


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1 Season, 4 Episodes

  • Season 1

    In 1958, Charles Starkweather and his girlfriend Caril Ann Fugate were convicted of killing 11 people, including Caril’s family. For decades, Caril has wanted to tell her side of the story. The series looks deeper into her role in the killings.

    Season 1

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