Season 6

The Chi fam face new challenges while deepening the ties that make their community much more than just a neighborhood. Emmett’s new business partnership puts stress on his relationship with Kiesha, Victor navigates his private life going public, and Kevin, Jake and Papa decide what kind of men they want to be, all while Douda extends his powerful reach over the South Side. It’s time to grow up, step up and boss up.
New Chi City
Episode 1: New Chi City

Original Air Date: Aug 6, 2023

Emmett’s new venture yields big results for his bottom line but strains his personal life. Kiesha and Jake chart exciting new career paths. Victor awaits the election results. Kevin’s freedom comes at a cost. Papa falls for an older woman, while Jada advises her single friends. Douda makes a deal. Season premiere.

Mo' Douda, Mo' Problems
Episode 2: Mo' Douda, Mo' Problems

Original Air Date: Aug 13, 2023

Emmett and Kiesha take a big leap while Shaad launches a new business with Deja’s help. Jamal returns to town on a mission. Papa struggles with his faith and Pastor Stanley’s interfering. Rob and Tiff make a potentially life-altering connection.

House Party
Episode 3: House Party

Original Air Date: Aug 20, 2023

Emmett contends with an unexpected gift. Victor surprises Fatima. Lynae starts to doubt Bakari’s intentions. Papa defends Kenya. Darnell issues a warning, while Rob looks for clues.

Episode 4: ReUp

Original Air Date: Aug 27, 2023

A welcome new development in Douda’s life is complicated by Roselyn. The strains of their busy lives wear on Emmett and Kiesha. Tiff and Rob make strides with their business. Papa introduces Kenya to the crew, while Maisha questions Jemma’s dedication. The men of The Chi turn to each other for support.

One of Them Nights
Episode 5: One of Them Nights

Original Air Date: Sep 3, 2023

Kevin, Jake, Papa and the crew celebrate a major milestone. Emmett questions Douda. Kiesha asks for help. Jamal issues a warning to Bakari. Shaad makes a potentially life-altering decision.

Boyz II Men
Episode 6: Boyz II Men

Original Air Date: Sep 10, 2023

Pressure mounts on Victor. Emmett makes Douda an offer. A defiant Papa tests his father Pastor Stanley’s patience. Dre’s actions spark doubt in Nina. Kevin celebrates a major achievement.

Long Live
Episode 7: Long Live

Original Air Date: Sep 17, 2023

The community reels at a loss. Jake's sage advice to Victor provides clarity. A past memory sparks a breakthrough for Kiesha. Bakari confronts Nuck. Nina makes a startling confession.

Who Shot Ya?
Episode 8: Who Shot Ya?

Original Air Date: Sep 24, 2023

The aftermath of unexpected events ripples through the city. Darnell makes a bold offer. Alicia confronts Tiff.


6 Seasons, 58 Episodes

  • Season 6

    Emmett’s new business puts stress on his relationship with Kiesha, Victor navigates his private life going public, and Kevin, Jake and Papa decide what kind of men they want to be, all while Douda extends his powerful reach over the South Side.

    Season 6
  • Season 5

    Emmett and Tiff forge a new path. Kevin finds love where he least expects it, Jake and Jemma navigate life as a couple - and Papa still knows how to get into trouble. Jada looks at life post-cancer and Trig considers a political run.

    Season 5
  • Season 4

    Jake, Papa and Kevin must confront the harsh reality of how the world views young, Black men in the aftermath of an act of police brutality. As the three friends reckon with a broken system, the aftershocks ripple across the South Side.

    Season 4
  • Season 3

    Emmett tries to alter the way his mother sees him, but Jada is on to her next chapter. Ronnie seeks to transform himself. The Williams family undergoes a seismic shift. Jake must choose between two competing guardians, and Papa finds unlikely love.

    Season 3
  • Season 2

    Brandon strives to make his food truck a success. Emmett makes an effort to get custody of his son, guided by Jada. Kevin reckons with the trauma of what he has experienced in his young life. Ronnie attempts to come to terms with killing Brandon’s brother.

    Season 2
  • Season 1

    As lives intersect, the people who call the South Side of Chicago home strive to make the right choices and overcome life’s challenges.

    Season 1

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