The L Word: Generation Q Cast

Bette Porter

Played by Jennifer Beals

Poised, professional and brilliant, Bette Porter remains at the top of her game. An openly gay public figure, she’s never one to shy away from discussing her sexuality or many other hot button issues. Her romantic entanglements remain complicated, however. Beyond all that, she’s an incredibly devoted mother to her teenage daughter, Angie, and remains extremely close with her longtime friends, Shane and Alice.

Shane McCutcheon

Played by Kate Moennig

Shane is a successful hairstylist who arrives back in LA after living on the road with her musician ex and selling her lucrative salons. She used to be a vagrant, crashing on couches and in other people’s beds as often as she could, but she’s got money now. She and the city have both changed a lot, and she wants to make her mark in a bigger way this time around. 

Alice Pieszecki

Played by Leisha Hailey

Alice is a talk show host who’s determined to use her position as a queer female in the late night space to send out a meaningful – but still funny – message as far and wide as possible. She swears she wants a stable, monogamous home life, and has been able to achieve it for the most part, but she can’t seem to stop feeling like something might be missing. Through everything, she remains an incredibly loyal friend to all, and Shane and Bette in particular.

Dani Nunez

Played by Arienne Mandi

Dani is a powerful and calculating PR executive who desperately wants to use that power for good. She's trying (and often failing) to balance her enormous career ambitions and her personal life, but constantly feels like she's not giving enough of herself to either one. She has a complicated relationship with her father and is struggling to forge her own path while still maintaining a meaningful relationship with him.

Gigi Ghorbani

Played by Sepideh Moafi

Gigi is a passionate and quick-tempered realtor who's navigating co-parenting with her ex-wife. Things were pretty rough at the beginning, but they're doing their best to get comfortable and make the most of this new normal.

Micah Lee

Played by Leo Sheng

Micah is a soft-spoken educator who is terrified to be vulnerable, even though it's probably the only thing that's ever going to bring him the love that he deserves. He's Dani's ex and best friend and is also close to Sophie and Finley, and is known for his sweet and kind nature.

Sarah Finley

Played by Jacqueline Toboni

Finley is an ambivalent careerist who is definitely going to get your coffee order wrong, if she even remembers to get it at all. She's trying to live her best life, though she might not remember large chunks of it, and underneath the fun-loving facade she's struggling with a lot of unresolved issues with her family and deeply religious upbringing.

Sophie Suarez

Played by Rosanny Zayas

Sophie is a TV producer who's always pushing to use her public platform to cover real, substantial issues. She's very quick to put other peoples’ needs before her own, which often leads to problems with those closest to her.

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