The L Word Cast

Bette Porter

Played by Jennifer Beals

Forced to leave the CAC, she fortuitously reunites with her ex-college roommate, a multi-millionaire eager to help Bette get her career back on track. Ironically, it's Tina's career that unexpectedly becomes the source of their most challenging life decision.

Kit Porter

Played by Pam Grier

After partnering with Helena on a new business venture, Kit finds love in the most unexpected place.

Alice Pieszecki

Played by Leisha Hailey

A career in turmoil causes tension in her relationship with Tasha and frustration with Jenny.

Tina Kennard

Played by Laurel Holloman

Tina faces unforeseen and shocking obstacles with the production of Lez Girls. She and Bette must face big decisions about their future together, career and family.

Jenny Schecter

Played by Mia Kirshner

Jenny and Shane confront something lying under the surface of their friendship, stunning their friends.

Shane McCutcheon

Played by Kate Moennig

Much to the shock of all of her friends, Shane makes a radical shift in her long-time friendship with Jenny.

New in Season 2

Helena Peabody

Played by Rachel Shelley

As Helena and Kit's new business venture is getting off the ground, the return of an old flame causes havoc.

New in Season 3

Max Sweeney

Played by Daniela Sea

Max and boyfriend Tom face an unexpected medical challenge.

New in Season 4

Tasha Williams

Played by Rose Rollins

Tasha has increasing trouble with how little she has in common with Alice, and is unexpectedly tempted by someone new.

New in Season 5

Niki Stevens

Played by Kate French

After reaching a crossroads in her relationship with Jenny, Niki tries to maintain ties with her new group of friends.

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